Nothing to do with illness at all

Just something that tickled me  recently. I was looking for some new underwear online and reading the feedback on a bra I liked the look of, someone wrote 'I love this bra it is so is the only thing I wear these days'. I can't stop tittering (get it tittering) since reading that. She must be some bold lady just wearing a bra and nothing else! Lol.

PS I ordered several x

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  • LOL! x

  • So glad people are getting my sense of humour..I'm feeling well today can't you tell x

  • That's always good to hear! :D


  • Sadly,  I have nothing to put in a bra ... wait, there are onions in the kitchen. I bet you could keep onions in a bra. But no, it would be a needless expense.

  • Bless you, my dear old Mom used to keep a few things in hers, batteries, watches that were a little bit slow etc. That always seemed to do the job. I can't recall onions being kept there but quite possibly you have hit on something here. lol x

  • I'd like to get rid of some of my 'onions' 😂

  • Ha ha, better the onions you know than the ones you don't lol x

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