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Do I suffer from an overactive thyroid gland?


I think I have the symptoms of an overactive thyroid gland e.g. I'm very thin, I also have trouble gaining weight, I'm always tired, I have weak muscles and weak curved bones. I've had an ultrasound scan on my neck because I felt a lump and they said its just an extension of my Adams apple. I've also had 2 blood tests (I haven't seen the results) but my GP told me everything normal because I was born this way and there is nothing I can do.

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Well without your test results you don't really know what's going on. Give your surgery a ring and ask the receptionist if they will print out your both sets of thyroid test results along with the ranges. They may have to check with your gp but you're entitled to your results so there shouldn't be a problem. Then you can post them here and find out what they mean.

Thanks for the advice, i'll try to get my results from my surgery.


You have been given good advice about getting your thyroid test results from your GP and posting them here for more help. Your surgery sounds like they are very unhelpful. The good news is that you have come to a very good site where people will support you.

I do hope you have been tested for Vitamin D deficiency? The symptoms you describe can also be caused by this deficiency which if left untreated will cause weak curved bones - in other words rickets or the adult term - osteomalacia. It causes a range of other symptoms too including extreme tiredness and depression. Google vitamin d deficiency and you will find lots of information.

Despite all the media reports showing a big increase of cases, doctors are still missing this and even when they do run the tests, many don't take it seriously enough or give the correct treatment. This deficiency is also very common in thyroid patients.

I strongly urge you to get vitamin D tested and while you are at it vitamin B12 and ferritin. Please don't rely on your doctor to to tell you the results or interpret them correctly - you need to get copies.

To say you were born like this and there is nothing you can do is ludicrous. No-one is born tired all the time without there being a cause. There is plenty you can do and you have taken the first big step in helping yourself by posting here. If they won't help then the time has come for you to get help elsewhere. Good luck.

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I haven't been tested for vitamin D deficiency but from the information you provided and from what i've seen on the internet I think I suffer from it. I'll get tested for it. Thanks for the support and advice.


No you weren't 'born this way'. What a stupid, lazy thing for your doctor to say.

It doesn't sound like overactive thyroid - you would typically be bursting with energy if that was the case.

The advice about getting vitamins and minerals tested is good. If your stupid lazy doctor won't do those tests then supplement your Vits B12 and D and ferritin (iron) anyway. And not just a bit - substantial additional amounts. Then see how you feel. If, like me, iron supplements give you constipation you may have to shop around for a version that doesn't (there are some - I forget what they are). Supplements won't hurt you even if you don't need - but you may be surprised by how much better you feel.

Underlying all this may be a thyroid problem. But try balancing your body first. And post your blood test results on the forum for folk here to interpret for you.

Oh - and if you can find the energy, change your stupid lazy doctor.

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Thanks for the practical advice.

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