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To deal with Hashimoto. Vaccines and Antibiotics

Hi, Guys

As I started for prevention, an anti-rabies treatment, because of a dog bite. I have to take 28 pills of antibiotic, plus 5 anti rabies vaccines. And yes, is true antibiotics, make Hashimoto to worsen, gland gets much more swollen, etc. The treatment is gonna last four weeks more. And I wonder. How can I fight this side effects of antibiotics and Hashimoto?. Has anybody have a similar experience to share ? Please some advise...

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I'm on antibiotics every year, once a year for 10 days and never have/had problems with Hashi flairing up or thyroid enlargement.

You'll be alright. I don't know where you got this info from but I personally haven't had any problems antibiotics vs Levo vs thyroid, ever.


Thank you so much, for your response. You give some hope, it's not going to be worse. Yet indeed it's happening to me. I am not taking levo yet, my doctor wouldn't prescribe it , because my thyroid was still functioning well. Though it was swollen.


What's your hormones levels, do you know?

If you were diagnosed Hashi and refused meds you need to monitor your hormones levels and keep.on top of that.

Don't leave deciding when to medicate you to doctors only. They're known to keep people hypo.


You've had (as always) good advice from the lovely people here but since your on anti biotics etc have you thought about your gut health to help aid your recovery? Bone broth is cheap and easy enough to do in a slow cooker

Good luck


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