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Switching from Nature-throid to Thai brand

Hi all,

I’ve been self-prescribing Nature-Throid 3 grain for almost a year with great results. Seems to be out of stock everywhere for at least the last 5 months and I can’t wait any longer. Purchasing the lower doses that are in stock would make it too expensive, so I have decided to change brands.

Does anyone have experience switching from Nature-Throid to Thiroid/Thyroid Gold or any of the other cheaper brands? Could you PM me with reliable sellers? I have about a months supply left of NDT so need to sort something asap.

Many thanks!

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I had to go back to Levotyroxine in the meantime

..I can’t find NatureTroid ..so far nothing I can do because Just like you said lower dose will be more money ...Ironically the only thing I see is that I’m loosing weight ..maybe is a bad medication but is all I have ..best of luck


I'm on my second day of taking Thyroid S, though I've added it to my usual T3/WP Thyroid mix, & reduced both of these, rather than done a straight swap with WP.

I've noticed no ill effects, though 30 hours in is too early to tell. If I'm still feeling it's working ok in two or three weeks, I plan to drop the WP & increase the Thyroid S before I run out of WP altogether.

Plan B is trying Acella NDT as the lower doses of Nature Throid work out similarly expensive, & I'd found this a tad weaker than RLCs WP.

I had a really nasty experience with Thyro-Gold, which made my skin burn & itch within hours, on even the tiniest amount. I read about taking antihistamines to reduce this effect, after I'd given it away, so I'm not sure if that would have worked.

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