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Changing from NatureThroid to NP--Dosage?

I can't wait for NatureThroid or WP to be available. Called every pharmacy. Will use NP & would appreciate guidance for the new Rx request from those who've also switched. I currently take 113.75 mg NatureThroid & 25 mcg T3. The pharmacist said 120 mg NP. On NP's site, their equivalent is 105 mg. I'm cautious about a lower dose because if it has to be raised, it will be a battle with my GP.

Labs 9/19/17:

Free T4 .8 (0.8-1.8)

Free T3 5.3 (2.3-4.2) T3 was lowered from 37.5 mcg to current 25 mcg


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Seems about the same to

me, possibly a little less potent than NT I take one grain fir one grain but think they are slightly different doses - go for max


Thanks. A little less potent is helpful to my decision.


I've just made the same change. Luckily I had a dose increase coming up, so I was able to make the change at the same time. I had a few experiments beforehand and felt the Acella NP was a bit weaker.

However, when I searched I found a thread about switching in the opposite direction, and posters theredfsaid the NP was stronger. Did make me wonder if a different formulation will feel weaker if you're not used to it.


Thanks. Appreciate your reply.


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