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Hypovitaminosis D. Hashimoto Syndrome

Hi. I am in need of your advice. I´ve been newly diagnosed Hashimoto. My anti-TPO is 749.15. My vitamin D is 15.14. He didn't prescribe me any supplement in pills, but "Raquiferol". The problem is although my calcium levels are 9.96. (normal ranges are 10.5). I have a deformation in my chin´s bone of unknown cause. And I am afraid this medicine is gonna make it wider. What kind of vitamin D supplement do you take? All vitamin supplements affect calcium levels? I´ve found a supplement that contains various Vit D including D3 but also contains Biotin.

I´d appreciate is anybody could share some information with me...

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You really need to ask your doctor about your chin concern as it's something we wouldn't know about on this forum. The general supplement given is D3 if low in vitamin D. Vitamin D is a hormone and normally created from the sun's action on the skin. If you've not had any issues with sun exposure then I can't see how vitamin D supplements would be any different but I'm not a doctor so just a guess.


I think you need to discuss your low vitamin D level further with your doctor or a specialist.

Raquiferol is D2 & less effective but yes, Vit D does increase absorption of calcium - you can buy one with K2 now which is reported to help "move calcium to bone". I am sure natural sunshine would be better - but you need specialist advice I think, we are not medically qualified here. Best wishes Jane :D

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You probably need just vitamin D, plus magnesium and vitamin K2. But you need to discuss with GP first.


Ask to be referred to an appropriate Specialist as you have a concern. There's no good guessing and probably GP doesn't know, I should imagine.


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