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Hi, haven't posted here in a while mainly because I had felt so well.

This last week fortnight I've had episodes of " Airhunger" unable to fill my lungs with air.

Had bloods taken and results are....

TSH 2.69, no range but cut off is 4

FT4 18, sorry don't have ranges but think cut off is 22

B12 2000, high because of injections

Folate 22 plus

Ferritin 122, think the range goes to 150

Vitamin D 90

Iron level 26

Would my TSH at this level have any impact on the Airhunger?

Lungs and chest are clear!!

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TSH >2.0 indicates your thyroid is beginning to struggle but people have felt symptomatic with TSH 2.69 because symptoms can precede abnormal blood levels by some months. Unfortunately, NHS doesn't diagnose and treat by symptoms and won't usually make a diagnosis of hypothyroidism until TSH is over range or FT4 below range.

Your vitamin and mineral levels are good so I think they can be ruled out.


Sorry Clutter I should've said I'm already diagnosed with Hashis 5yrs ago!!

I've been feeling good until recently. I take alternate days of 75mg and 100mg of thyroxcine.

My doc says all good and will not increase dose as he's afraid I'll go hyper. It's the Air hunger that's annoying me and just wondering if my TSH of 2.69 could be the problem.

My TSH 2mths ago was 1.29.



Yes, I think TSH 2.69 may be the problem. Your doctor is being daft. You won't be overmedicated if he increases dose to 100mcg. Why don't you do it yourself and see whether airhunger improves?


How can I increase my dose if my Doc is adamant my level is perfect.? He will not prescribe me more 50mg thyroxcine and will question why I am using more!! It's so frustrating when they think you're a hypochondriac and offer antidepressants instead of educating themselves and listening to patients.

Thanks for responding Clutter


I used to save up some extra by always requesting my repeat prescription a week or so early.

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That actually can be a sign of magnesium deficiency. Something to consider at least.

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Sorry to jump in but does that mean a TSH of 4 is high? 😳


Yes, 4 is high. Many people will have symptoms with a level like that. Unfortunately doctors often want to see it lower before they acknowledge it :(


Ok thanks x


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