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Hypothyroid and afraid , help pls !

Hypothyroid and afraid , help pls !

Hypothroid : am 29 yr old female, unmarried, One month before ,my full body nerves did something horribly bad ,felt like my entire body nerves were Shivering inside and horrible heart palpitations, and so did thyroid test ,values were ( first report -> kindly see the attached image ) , and one week later to verify I again did thyroid test ,now values second report values are these ,my blood value is inside the brackets below->

T3 (Total)


(116.6 ) ng/dL,range should be 70-204

First Trimester : 81-190

Second Trimester : 100-260

Third trimesters : 100-260

T4 (Total)


(3.71) µg/dL range should be 4.87-11.72

First Trimester : 8.0-17.1

Second Trimester : 8.0-17.8

Third Trimester : 8.0-20.1

Thyroid panel-2 (FT3/FT4/TSH)


Free T3 ( 2.73) pg/mL range should be 1.4-4.4

Pregnancy : 2-3.8

Free T4 (0.507 ) ng/dL. range should be 0.8-1.8

First Trimester : 0.7-2.0

Second Trimester : 0.5-1.6

Third Trimester : 0.5-1.6

TSH(Ultrasensitive) (105.35) µIU/mL range should be 0.45-4.5

First Trimester : 0.1-2.5

Second Trimester : 0.2-3.0

Third trimester : 0.3-3.0

Now after showing these blood tests to my endocrinologist , he prescribed 25mg eltroxin for 2 weeks and now this week I started 50mg eltroxin and then after 2 weeks of this 50mg , he said to take 75mg for 3 months,.... And daily taking 2000 UI vitamin d tablet..

Am am worst hypochondriac too.. really al d symptoms are scaring me , pls help

I want to know does. Al these symptoms are due to hypothyroid or not ?

The symptoms are :

1. Constant squeezing feeling in throat, which is spreading to jaw and teeth(uncomfortable sensation)

2.earlier heart palpitations were there but now heart beat low lik 62-70( very scary)

3.hand severe numbness and pain, leg pain too !

Freezing cold palms and feet

4.sudden sharp pain in head at random places

5.eye lid puffiness after getting up in the morning and chronic dry eyes

6.earlier used to have good appetite,but now loss of Appetite, not feeling hungry at all , for namesake eating 😞 feeling full always,can't digest

7.spotting between periods , pms pain horrible, periods pain so horrible , before taking thyroid tabs it was ok ,but this month it was so painful.. extremely painful , heavy for 3 days and stops but haven't missed it a single month !

How to cure my health, what are the foods to b taken and exercise how long ? , pls help 🙏

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Welcome to our forum Amy1311.

There's no need to be afraid as hypothyroidism is a very common autoimmune condition.

My TSH was 100 when I was diagnosed and yours is 1 and a half time that so I know how you feel as we've never experienced those symptoms before. We just don't know what's happening to us.

We are given 50mcg of levothyroxine to start with. This should always be taken when we get up in the morning with one glass of water and wait an hour before eating as food can interfere with the uptake of the hormones.

You should have a blood test every six weeks (this allows the new dose to gradually take effect) until the TSH is 1 or lower. Your Free T4 and Free T3 should be somewhere in the upper part of the ranges.

The doctor should test your B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate.

We should always get a print-out of our results for your own records and post if you have a query and members will respond.

It will take some months for your TSH to gradually drop and because yours is so high you will have many clinical symptoms which should resolve as your levothyroxine is increased.

When your next test is due ask your doctor to also test for thyroid antibodies. Even when you reach 75mcg levo - after six weeks request a blood test from your doctor. 75mcg is still a low dose and you want symptoms to be resolved as soon as possible.

I hope you relax as much as you can as your hormones will not know what's happening at present. It is a learning curve and we have to read, learn and ask questions so that we can help the process along.

The aim is a TSH of 1 or lower with Free T4 and Free T3 in the upper part of the range.

Always get a print-out of your results with the ranges. Your pulse, at present, is in the normal range. 62-70.

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Thanks alot sir , ya sir my tsh was 147 then after a week it was 105 , is this dose not enough 😨 is this tsh should immediately be decreased? Am afraid of this tsh value !


Be reassured your TSH will come down and it is best if it does done quite slowly. It cannot be rushed by taking too much thyroid hormones (levothyroxine) at once as then you may feel much worse and you don't want that.

It has taken years for you to be diagnosed and it is because our thyroid gland has been failing slowly, slowly over the years that we didn't notice anything much different in our body.

Then how we feel becomes an issue but no doctor can tell us what is wrong as they don't do the proper blood tests.

Also remember to ask if you have thyroid antibodies as that is slightly different to have just plain hypothyroidism.

Always get a print-out of your results with the ranges and if you post them members will respond.

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When you realise that all of your symptoms are due to hypothyroidism, then you wont be so frightened as they are 'normal' in hypothyroidism.

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Thanks sir ! Sure if 6.weeks over Wil take antibodies test too !


Why no one Replying for my query ? 😞


Hey amy 1311

Had the same situation exactly about 1 year ago.Uncanny how the symptoms match up to the tee. Make sure u see an endo with a whole lot of experience,cause not all of them go into details of all symptoms.Plus when i had the same symptoms come up last year i was told to keep a check on my blood sugar level as i was not eating enough at all(hypoglycemia)..was never hungry.Make sure u get enough sleep, dont stress and eat healthy.

Most importantly I have hashimotos ..meaning my tsh levels are forever keep that in check with the help of a good endo..take care

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Thanks !!

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Ur welcome..all the best🌸

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What are the things to be done , if had hashimotos.. bcos I am only on 3rd week of eltroxin.. after 6 weeks only na can take antibody test ?


For the last 2 days my heart rate is constantly at 94-100 beats.. how heartbeat so high in hypo ?


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