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Celery juice for breakfast - how about a one month trial?


Not doing it yet but will start a trial in January with a celery juice drink to add to my breakfast - assuming Santa arrives with a nice new juicer :)

Some food types I have been really drawn too recently from instinct I am now only realising may be a vital part of a long term solution to all this thyroid stuff...

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Lots of positive vibes ...


I’m going to give this a try too! Thanks. X



Clearly, this can progress a lot further than a cup of just celery - but will stick to this for January.


Sounds horrible but will try anything once 😁. Especially if it helps the skin and weight.😊


I eat celery every time that I have a salad which is 4/5 times a week. I love celery soup too, it's lovely. Good luck juicing.

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Buying juicer today and getting ready for a January celery feast - good luck to the brave souls who plan to join me (not specifically expecting anyone of course)


Good luck with your juicer. I have one but honestly never use it. I do eat celery nearly ever day also salad and fruit and vegetables, mostly organic or course. Some people that don't buy organic which you should wash anyway, wash the food before juicing with organic apple cider vinegar and water.


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