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Gluten Free affecting thyroid meds?


I have recent gone gluten free which seems to have helped enormously with my fluctuating hashi s levels. So much that I am wondering, do some people find when they go gluten free, that they need LESS thyroxine ? I am T4 only (88mcg Levo daily), unable to tolerate T3 or NDT.

any thoughts welcomed. thank you

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My mum did. She followed a gluten free diet & made a few other dietary changes, and managed to come off thyroxine altogether.


Really ? Thats amazing, she must be very pleased. Can you remember what other changes she made ?


No, I'm sorry. She passed away a few years ago, before I discovered my thyroid issues, otherwise I'd be all over it! A lot of it was advice from this book though, if that helps:

She slipped up and started eating gluten and general junk again, and ended up back on thyroxine, but she went a good 7 or 8 years without any. I can't say everyone would have the same result, but it seems to help.


thank you so much for the info. hope I didn't upset you by asking ! I still have my mum but at 89. ..

I will order the book. I often worry how I will cope with thyroid vagaries if I get old and am alone !


No offence at all! I do wish I could ask if there was anything else she had looked at, as I know more and more people who would benefit from it! A lot of people here are very clued up though.



Coeliac disease patients often find they are able to significantly reduce Levothyroxine dose after they give up gluten.


thanks Clutter. I am not a celiac but its certainly helped my general digestive issues and day to day feeling of wellbeing

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Is this the same for anyone on carbi clutter but i have hashis and celiac.x



If you are coeliac you should be gluten-free whether or not you take Carbimazole.


I am gluten free 100% fir 2 months now


Important to test vitamin D, B12, folate and ferritin. Not just anywhere in range, but at good levels


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