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From naturethroid to WP and tinnitus


I decided to switch from naturethroid to WP as I had a lot of aches and pains everyday in my back and neck but generally felt ok. Also putting on weight.

I was on 1/2 a grain split into two over the day.

I took the same dose WP and aches went away but the tinnitus that was low on naturethroid became very loud as soon as I took WP.

What caused this? Is it a higher level of T3? I have also become a little more jumpy which suggests my adrenals are struggling with a greater T3 input? Insomnia also back.

Anyone experience similar or can offer an explanation as to what may be going on?


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Half a grain isn't much so likely that the aches and pains weren't to do with the medication but that your dose needed increasing. How long have you been on half a grain?


I have had to get there really slowly. It was about 10 days ago now.


I increased 1/4 grain each week and I'm now on 4 grains but your vit/mineral levels must be good or you will struggle to raise. Also please understand that NDT isn't a quick fix, as hard as it is you will have to be patient. It's taken me 2 years to get to my optimal dose and I've had many ups and downs.


Thanks. I know I am being quite impatient with it all. What happened when you tried to raise if your vits are all correct?


I struggled to raise initially as I had high cortisol so I had to address that. I had symptoms including a feeling of having a lump in my throat, over emotional, palpitations etc.. Once I sorted the cortisol problem raising wasn't a problem but I still had to stick to 1/4 grain per week or I would feel a bit jittery. Different people suffer different symptoms though x

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Also, my vitamins weren't all correct to start with. I was deficient in vitamin D, ferritin and b12 and had lots of crappy symptoms over the last couple of years, main ones being fatigue, muscle and joint pain and depression. Happy to say I rarely suffer any of those now 🙂

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