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I am heading to Thailand , will I need to reduce my dose of thyroid -s ?

I am heading to south east Asia , Thailand first stop for a month. I plan spending about 6 months away, but with no Thais in the UK ( Pun Intended ) - I may not return for some time.

Still not feeling fully recovered with my hypothyroidism , last labs at 4.5 grains thyroid-s were slightly below range t4 11 (12-22) and t3 5.5. ( 3.5 6.8) doc also said cholesterol slightly high - classic hypo indicator .

I have upped to 6 grains single dose , some improvement but think the hashi's has kicked off as have stiff shoulder pain .

I had been doing a lot of hours at work rotating day and night shifts and I think it has played hell with my levels and metabolism.

Anyhow , quit work ( temp contract anyhow ) and can not face the thought of another UK winter, so off to the land of smiles. Flights booked - no backing out now , wanted to do this for years.

I have heard people with hypo may have to reduce their dose as the body needs less to keep warm, but I am a little concerned the heat may not be good if levels are out .I think I will pay for a test if I survive a month there.

Any thoughts welcome ... anybody been to a hot country with a thyroid problem ?

A big plus , easy to get my thyroid -s

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Hi - I now live in the Middle East, the very definition of hot - edged towards 50 deg for most of the summer! It didn't affect my dose and in fact I have had to raise it slightly, though I would think that is down to continuing effects of hashis rather than weather.

Enjoy Thailand, it is an intriguing place, but can hold traps for the unwary.



Thanks , very encouraging . I am going strictly for temples , sun , peace and quiet and cheap fags lol



4.5 grains to 6 grains is an enormous dose increase. Dose adjustments should be in 1/4 grain increments when your FT3 is good which 5.5 is. You risk shooting past your sweet spot when you make big adjustments. I would expect you to be considerably overmedicated on 6 grains. I would reduce to 5 grains.

You certainly aren't hypothyroid with FT3 5.5 so cholesterol must be raised because of other factors.

Not everyone has to reduce dose when in warmer climes. Take it day by day. If you feel over warm reduce dose by 1/4 to 1/2 grain. Big adjustments shouldn't be necessary.

Have a wonderful time.

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Hi clutter, thanks for replying, I should have stated I went to 5 and 1/4 over a few weeks first. I was definitely hypo.

I had bloods done at 3,5 grains , t4 only and that was 12 .I felt awful for a few more weeks , severe hypo symptoms , so raised to 4.5 and was there about 7 weeks when had a full panel and the t4 was down 11 and I was feeling worse than when on 3.5 grains Still felt bad so up to 5 1/4 over a few weeks resulting in less severe symptoms,so then the jump to 6 and showing a little improvement after 10 days on the dose .

I have felt well before with t4 mid range and t3 slightly over at 4.5 grains around a year ago.

I have definitely needed more meds lately, but I do think the shifts I was working ( doing heavy lifting in warehouse ) have screwed me around.

Must be getting better as my sense of adventure is returning, just been through so much up and down with the thyroid it's hard to be confident .



FT4 is almost always lower when taking NDT than it was on Levothyroxine. Sometimes is may even be below range. It's not important as long as FT3 is good and 5.5 is in the upper third of range so it is good. Still, it can be higher as long as it remains <6.8.

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I think something was going on in a downwards kind of way , t4 at 12 on 3,5 grains and then down to 11 - after 6 weeks on 4.5 grains. And I really was hurting all over and unable to think clearly.

I don't feel too bad except the stiffness in the shoulder , not wanting to change again now until after having a test in Thailand . It will be interesting to see the effect .

just noticed on the report my t3 was actually 5.3 , I wonder what effect 1.5 grains increase will have ?



T4 is a storage hormone. When you are taking T3 direct (ie T3 in NDT) you don't need to store a lot of T4 for conversion plus the T3 encourages better conversion so this is why T4 drops.

I would expect your FT3 to be considerably over range in a few weeks after increasing by 1.5 grains.


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