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First dose of Thyroid S today

I just took my first dose of Thyroid S and decided to journal everything including doses, weight, exercise, calories eaten that day and my general health. This will help me keep track of what my body is doing and what is making me feel better, or worse. I am really looking forward to better health and some weight loss too as I have almost doubled my weight in the past four years. The comments of Thyroid S users have given me so much hope and encouragement. Thank you everyone!

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I think it's a good idea to keep a record because we do forget. I've looked at a some of mine and it surprises me still - the quite long road to recovery but when you get there it's great.

Re exercise, begin gently till you feel much stronger.

Best wishes.


Thanks so much. I am so thankful for this site. As for exercise, walking from the living room to the kitchen is like a marathon to me right now. But that is still better than last spring when all I could do was lie down on the couch all day and in bed all night. Horrible!


Slow but sure is the best way. Although we are impatient to get better naturally so. I am sure you will feel much better in a short time. Are you going to increase slightly about every 2 weeks? If so I would only up the dose by 1/4 each time as I think it's easier to drop back if you get symptoms due to a little too much.


I would do that except I have already been taking 2 grains of NDTH of another brand for about two months, plus my Synthroid and now I am leaving the Synthroid out. I don't want my body to fall backwards, which it really seemed to be doing on the one grain this morning. I was out shopping and had to leave the store and was barely able to walk back to my car because I was so fatigued. After the grain I took this afternoon, plus a rest on the couch, I am back to what has been normal for me for the past two months. Feeling much better so I think I have done it properly this time. Thanks for the advice though, although I am acutely aware low and slow is the way to go.


No, you are doing correctly by swapping from on to another in approx equal dose.

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Thanks so much Shaws. After doing so very much research before even attempting NDTH, I realize it's how your body is acting that really tells the tale. Mine did that to me today. It was screaming "Go home and take another pill!!" ;)


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