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please suggest what to do? I'm having TSH of 87.22

i am a male of age 24 and in last 3 months my weight increased from 70 to 77.5 and having a height of 175cm. i had given my blood sample for a general health check up and every thing is normal apart from visceral fat 40% and TSH of 87.22.My GP doesn't said much but given a normal advice of daily exercise and diet concerns.

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You are hypothyroid. If your doctor thinks this can be treated with daily exercise and diet then you need to find a new doctor immediately.

You are overtly hypothyroid and need treatment. The condition won't go away, sadly. You have the condition for life.



See another GP. You are profoundly hypothyroid and that is why you have gained weight. Your GP should prescribe Levothyroxine to replace your low thyroid hormone. You will need dose increases until TSH is 0.3 - 1.0 and you will need to take the medication daily for the rest of your life.


is there any way to control it (means can I stop medication and can control it through some other ways) after medication when it comes to normal i.e. .2-4



No, you are not making enough thyroid hormone. There is no other way to replace it other than Levothyroxine or some other form of thyroid replacement.


Your doctor is an idiot if they think TSH of 87.22 is OK

See my reply to similar results just now



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