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Low TSH, High T3, what to do

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Hello, I really do need help with my current labs. I was finally able to get tested for TSH, T4, and T3. Couldn’t get the RT3 (sadly) Turns out my symptoms of fatigue, PEM, no energy, tiredness, etc. weren’t thyroid related at all (as I was suspecting) because these are my results. T3 definitely is in the upper range, who knows what that means, but those symptoms I was posting about before; they could just be Adrenal Fatigue, or something else altogether. But could I be getting more exhaustion from the “too high” T3 now??

My questions are:

What does such High T3 mean, and what about low TSH? My assumption is that it’s over-medication from too much T3, but is that bad that the T3 is so high??

My current dosage is: 100mcg T4, and 40mcg T3. The T4 I’ve been lowering since this test; but should I keep it back to 100mcg, and just steadily lower the T3 to something like 25mcg instead? I’m afraid I have a conversion issue, and some pooling of T4 or something... or that the T3 isn’t absorbed in my cells the to low Cortisol? (Still very much so symptoms of fatigue, limited energy, no stress response, brain fog, etc) Or, what do I do with the dosage really. Keep 100mcg T4, lower both?


Sadly, after a certain shift at work, I crashed for about a week. Was plagued with body aches, migranes, flu-like symptoms, and terrible terrible illness. It was the worst two-ish weeks of my life. I have gotten a bit better, but I have never fully recovered since then. It was a horrible hallmark and the start of every CFS/ME symptom there possibly is. I kept getting worse, and worse, and worse. Any sort of stress, extortion, etc would result in horrible pains all over; and I’d have to sleep. I can’t leave the house now, because I will crash because of the PEM. I must pace, and budget my energy. I’m frequently in pain. Can’t think straight at all, or for much at all because of never-ending Brain Fog and PEM if I get too stressed/anxious. I have since done much research into CFS and started supplementing accordingly, still praying that it’s something else. (Cognitively I was hit the worst. Physically, I lost my job. Lost my life too.) it was so bad I could barely stand at a bus stop, or sit at a doctor’s office. that’s my story. It was “just” ME. It is an EXTREMELY debilitating illness, one that I do not wish upon anyone. I’ve lost lots of freedoms, and anything I do makes me crash, feel horrible, and have to rest up. I will try and keep you updated. I should’ve never pushed my body too much when it was already fragile... Because I pushed it over the edge. Curse CFS/ME, please do pray for me to get some of my life back.

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I think that the symptoms of high ft3 could be similar to hypo symptoms. So fatigue or tiredness could be from too much ft3. I posted a question here some time back asking how to tell apart symptoms of too high vs too low hormones and the overall impression I got that there can be little difference.

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andy97 in reply to Sybilla14

Thanks a lot for the answer. I thought high FT3 would result in HYPER symptoms; interesting. I wonder what my next course of action is; lower T3, lower both?keep T4 just lower T3?

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Sybilla14 in reply to andy97

I don't have too much experience of t3 having been taking it only for a few months but my gut feel would be to reduce t3 dose. If you have conversion problems then lowering t4 (Levo) won't impact your ft3 level much,

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humanbean in reply to andy97

I've had high Free T3 before. When I reduced my dose of T3 my fatigue reduced a lot.

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andy97 in reply to humanbean

Thank you so much, God bless.

Fatigue is a hyper symptom, so is mood swings and so on.

Looking back at your thyroid results when 'diagnosed' they were normal for someone without thyroid disease and without antibodies. can see your FT3 is on the low side but for someone without thyroid disease this could be normal for them or it could be low because thyroid function is being affected by low vitamin or mineral levels or some other condition rather than thyroid disease. I'm not a medical person so this is only my opinion.

You said your vitamin D level was low and you've been supplementing, was that 800iu supplement? Have you retested since and what was your result?

Your FT3 which is now 8.2 is over the top of the lab range. The top of the lab range is 5.9. This means you have too much T3 in your body and as you said you don't have elevated antibodies it does not sound like this is due to thyroid autoimmune disease but rather taking too much thyroid hormone.

My own opinion is that you should explore other reasons for your exhaustion and tiredness other than thyroid disease because without a thorough investigation you may miss an underlying condition and go untreated.

If it were me, I would ask the doctor to check all my vitamin levels, vitamin D, B12, folate and ferritin and also ask the doctor to run an antibodies check. Perhaps check for diabetes markers, kidney and liver function and anything else that might lead to tiredness. I would cut thyroid hormone down slowly because it would be a shock to your system to suddenly reduce by a large amount.

I think you said you suffered from exhaustion before taking thyroid hormone so taking thyroid hormone has not improved things. Therefore there could be another reason.

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andy97 in reply to Nanaedake

Woah, thank you for the amazing answer, I was not expecting such an amazing answer!!! I am so grateful for this answer Nanaedake, you really made my day. Thank you :) <3 To answer back: Sadly, that “other reason” is only one: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. That’s why I clinged onto thyroid for so long...I have literally ruled out everything possibly else. I get “crashes” that are hallmark of the condition, body aches now too. Relentless fatigue after the smallest of actions as well. This past 3-ish weeks has been a ride to hell with 100% symptoms of CFS/ME; I’ve only gotten slightly better but can only barely leave the house (and of course; I lost my job to this) and am mostly bed-ridden it’s that bad. Any physical/mental extortion and I crash really really hard...Lots Of Brain Fog and Cognitive issues lately, it’s been quite something. That’s why now I’m clinging to AF, really for the life of me don’t want it to be CFS. I thank you for your suggestions: those levels are fine, yes. I have not retested for Vit D, must do that soon, thanks for the reminder. It was 10,000 daily actually. Already checked those organs as well, and diabetes too, all came back fine :( thanks a bunch for that suggestion. Have a lovely day, you’ve certainly made mine. :)

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Justiina in reply to andy97

I am getting B1+B6+B12 injections for CFS. Brain fog can be caused by lactic acid build which naturally causes physical crashes too. If I were you I'd try B1 supplements as it's completely safe and if it helps it helps in 48 hours then you know is that something you should try to investigate , possibly having thiamine deficiency and mitochondria issues leading cells not able to make energy from carbs which leads to crashing.

Still early days for me but brain fog is gone which helps a lot , I do crash if the injection wears out before next one but it's long road to kick the energy production back up.

With thiamine there are different forms of it but as a pill it has to be taken many times a day , it also boosts thyroid. There are plenty of good information on phoenixrising forum and Izabella Wentz has written about it too.

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Nanaedake in reply to andy97

Well, also check out musculoskeletal health which won't show up in blood tests. There are aspects of health that don't show in blood tests. No matter how exhausted you feel, you need appropriate exercise which might only be stretching and flexibility at the moment and slowly build up but alongside tip top nutrition, good hydration you also need the right kind of exercise.

Could the doctor refer you for physiotherapy to start gently improving muscle tone?

I began to discover what made me better and what made me worse when I started Yoga, it helped me tune into exhaustion causes, body aches and pains and general wellbeing.

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