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Brands of thyroxine in UK

I am trialling adding some thyroxine to my Naturethroid NDT.I want to make sure I ask for the best brand to avoid side effects from additives.I am a lot less itchy & have much reduced joint pain on NDT but think I may need to reduce the proportion of T3,while needing to raise my dose.My hair is not falling out but is not growing or thickening.My hair became very very thin over the two years I was on T3-only.

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There is no "best brand" you have to find the one that suits you. I do well on Actavis but don't like Wockhardt whereas you might find the latter works for you, trial and error 🙂


Thanks for your feedback


Why are you adding levothyroxine to your NDT? Almost everyone does fine on NDT only, it might just be that you haven't got your dose optimal just yet? What dose are you on, and what are your latest TFTs? Hair loss does need adequate T4 to resolve but it also needs IRON. Inability to tolerate an increase in NDT might be due to low iron. Have you had an iron panel recently and if so, what were the results. Personally I cannot tolerate ANY T4 only, of any brand, it makes me feel like death, even 25mcg added to my NDT made me feel awful. Generally speaking NDT should be fine for everyone, and usually there is just some glitch that has been overlooked. The body has a mechanism to make RT3 if you've got too much floating around (don't believe the scare stories that RT3 is bad, it's totally normal!) so short of seriously overdosing yourself and inducing hyperthyroidism, gently raising the dose until you have resoluton of symptoms should fix it.




Thanks for your response.Sorry for delay.Yes,you were right!I am doing fine on NDT.I was following a theory that I needed to add some extra T4 to make the thyroid replacement more like human thyroid proportionally.

I dropped the thyroxine & in 24 hours my bumpy heart settled down,as it did on T3-only(ectopics & tachycardia episodes)

On 2 grains at present.Feeling good.Will get my bloods tested in the new year,but going on how I feel,I may try upping it to 2&1/2 grains as I am still needing a lot of sleep but will know if I go too high because I get sweats & hot flashes.

Am taking D3+K2,iron bisglycinate,vit C,B1,B2,B3,B5,B6,B12,magnesium bisglycinate,folate,selenium,zinc,omega 3,Q10,ashwaghanda,rhodiola & DGL licorice.also LDN.

thanks again for your imput


Wockhardt seems the worst of the lot to me, Ive tried them all and researched the different makes on the web. I take Mercury Pharma Levothyroxine but even that doesn't work. I have every listed symptom of underactive thyroid, keep telling my doctor and she keeps doing blood tests and she says they come back normal and shrugs her shoulders. Its like hitting your head against a brick wall. I have put on so much weight and my daughters keep telling me I don't eat enough, resulting in all this I am on anti-depressants and blood pressure tablets. ugh!


Do you take T3 as well as your thyroxine?I have fared much better since I added T3.First as a combo of thyroxine & liothyronine,then liothyronine only & now natural dessicated thyroid with thyroxine.

I've given up on GPs & endos understanding some of us need T3.They have been brainwashed by their training.I buy my own NDT over the internet,as I did my liothyronine.Scary at first,but I soon got used to trusting myself & distrusting TSH-obsessed medicos.


Hello Naomi

Which NDT do you take and how much did you start with? Has it helped with weight loss?

Thank you


Hi Nada678.I am now on Thiroid from Thailand & have very slowly worked up to 3 grains.I have been using Naturethroid but supply became problematic & its extremely pricey compared to Thai NDT.I also had to pay VAT import duty & a mail handling charge AND go & pick it up from the mail depot.

Am expecting to lose weight on this higher dose,but too soon to say.Plus I am weaning off anti depressants & am now on a very small dose.Also trying to avoid sweet things(puddings,cakes,anything with sugar)SSRIs have affected my weight but saved my sanity.


Have a look here:


We also have NorthStar which, like Almus, is simply Actavis repackaged.


Thanks helvella.At present I am doing OK on one & half grains of Naturethroid with 25mcgs thyroxine.Not decided yet whether to increase in a few weeks to one & half grains NDT with 50mcgs thyroxine,or drop the thyroxine & go up to 2 grains Naturethroid,or stay as I am.

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