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Rising antibodies

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Hello all...

I have just had my second test results back and although my THS has dropped into normal range, my thyroglobulin antibodies have risen from 116 to 129. The doctor has said this is Hashimotos. Is there any treatment at all for Hashimotos? I'm on 50mcg of Levothyroxin but am curious what other treatment is available here in the UK. Would a thyroid removal help?

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Thyroidectomy for anyone is a last resort and brings its own problems. With Hashimotos your antibodies will fluctuate. You could take up to 200mcg of selenium which may help to reduce antibodies. There is no treatment for Hashimotos, only for the hypothyroidism it creates. You can improve your diet and vitamin levels and keep your TSH at around 1.0 or lower which may help to prevent or lower antibodies activity.

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I've gone gluten free and been taking 200mcg of selenium since I was diagnosed on 17th October. I guess I naively thought that my antibodies may lower. Could it be a case of it not being long enough to tell if the antibodies will drop? I was a bit freaked out to see they had risen so much in less than a month.

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Nanaedake in reply to NeensB

It's a small rise. Some people have much higher antibodies. I expect they'll fluctuate within a small range.

It can take years for anti-bodies to fall, unfortunately absolutely nothing with thyroid is going to be resolved within 4 weeks!

You are on a very low dose. This is usually a starter dose. Many people find they feel much better with FT3 closer to the top of the range

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