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Tg antibodies have come back at 1007, with a range of 0-40!!

Any ideas what happens next regarding treatment? GP told me it was all in my head on Weds, so he has yet to see the results.


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You have severe hashimotos and its vital you have treatment but first its vital to getvlevels of





vit d3




they must all be well above halfway in their ranges before thyroxine can be utilised by the body

get the exact numbers and ranges from your gp NEVER NEVER Accept being told normal

ferritin must be at least 70(13-150) or thyroxine cannot be absorbed


Thanks. I only have ferritin so far and that was 34 (10-420) Not good enough then? How do I get it up?


Floradix and spatone are good options ive used both floradix is quite expensive but good .


I take hematinic formula by Solgar is great....for ferritin levels.


It's also a good idea to take vitamin c at the same time and a vitamin b complex that includes b2. If the complex also contains B12, it needs to be methylcobalamin. Jarrows do one. You would probably benefit from additional b12 in addition to this. The b vitamins are essential for healthy red blood cells. The b2 (riboflavin) helps storage of iron so ferritin should increase with adequate iron intake. Marmite also contains b2 as do various other foods.

Hopefully increasing your ferritin will help you to start feeling better.

Carolyn x


With Auto-immune issues it is important to heal the gut - so if possible go gluten free and read as much as you can. Izabella Wentz has a website and Blog - she is a Pharmacist with Hashimotos and has written an excellent book - Hashimotos - The Root Cause. You can sign up for her Newsletter too.

Check out Dr Tom O'Bryan and his follow on to the on-line Gluten Summit that is FREE and will take place at the end of the month.

No it is not in your head....

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You've got concrete evidence there that it's not in your head. If it was me I'd expect an apology from the doctor and they should go out of their way now to treat you. Hope you're better soon.


Yeah too right. Even if they say your TSH is in range that is alot of rubbish....I felt rubbish over 3 and it wasnt till I reached 5.5 that they listened to me. The top range for Tsh is in the 3 range in USA and they treat above that.....If he dont listen to you ask for another opinion or change your docs....or ask to see a specialist.....Hashis can make you feel sick before yout tsh gets over the range.


Thanks all. Yes I damn well do want an apology! I was clearly being labeled a middle aged, depressed hypochondriac who couldn't be bothered to lose weight!!

N.B. not decrying depressed people as I have been one, but there's a reason for that & I hate it being used as a negative label!



Have you been asked for anti-TPO or have you had your anti-TPO tested?

I too have high TgAb, absolutely no help or any diagnosis with full blown hypo issues.

GP unhelpful / or simply uninterested. No wonder many of us are so ill without any sort of thyroid diagnosis.

Isn't this so wrong?


OK, so here is the whole result. Any input would be great before I go and create merry hell at the doctor's!

Total T4 86.4 (58-154 nmol/L)

TSH 3.07 (0.4-4 mIU/L) This one was taken much later in the day than the 3.3 I got at the docs.

Free T4 14.4 (10-22 pmol/L)

Free T3 3.9 (2.8-6.5 pmol/L)

FT4/FT3 ratio 3.7 (2-4.5 ratio)

Reverse T3 0.38 (0.14-0.54 pmol/L)

Thyroglobulin TG antibodies 1007 (0-40 IU/mL)

Peroxidase TPO antibodies 10 (0-35 IU/mL)


OMG, I have an appt with endo tomorrow!!!! Any advice anyone?



I don't mean to be going off topic.

Is there any use for Total T3/T4 nowadays? (sorry for my ignoramums disorder..x)

I didn't realize the ratio between FT3/FT4 to be analysed either!

Hope this doesn't come across as "personal". Are you on any thyroid meds at all?

and do you have any complications from antibodies at all apart from hypo symptoms?

how many endos have you had who failed to diagnose you?

looks like you are on a similar boat as me.



I have no idea whether they are needed, they just came as part of the report!

Not been to an endo, just GP with lump in my throat. Have become very symptomatic within about 4 months. I knew nothing about the thyroid til GP told me that's where the lump was, the same lump he now says isn't there!

So no meds. Had lots of immune type issues before though.


Hi HarryE

Same I take it you have no "diagnosis" apart from having a "lump"?

I was also wondering whether there are other patients who had high TgAb but not Anti-TPO? It seems it is so much harder to get any sort of diagnosis unless you have Anti-TPO (Hashi). I was told by one doctor that if you have no anti-TPO, then TgAb doesn't count on NHS. I have seen a couple of articles that "either" Anti-TPO "or" TgAb. I'd very much like to hear other people's experiences on this if possible?

I'm not sure which part of UK you are but this goes to show we are left to suffer in silence.

Thank you for your helpful thread.

All my best,


Not yet no. But I only dropped a copy of these results at the surgery this morning. I could do with advice on how to approach it when I see them next week.



It would be extremely useful if there's a poster with increased TgAb (but no Anti-TPO) as we are, with a diagnosis of Hashimoto etc on here and advise us as to how to move forward from here. As I am in the same or at least, in a similar situation, I am probably not really qualified enough to suggest.

Please do keep us informed.

Have a great weekend and stay well.


It would indeed! :-)




I feel so desperately ill this morning. Do I need to go & get seen today? How serious could this be? I'm scared


Been referred to endo. but feel so so ill


Hi there, I was hyper initially and symptoms of fast pulse, rapid wt loss, hair falling out and ankle swelling and exhaustion. Started Carbimazole and TSH levels now normal but anti-thyroglobulin antibodies 1600 and anti-thyroid peroxidase levels now increasing when they were normal 110 now normal <60 . Not sure if I have Hashis or Graves or both. I wanted more info on cause so I had an ultrasound of thyroid which confirmed a goitre (lump when swallowing). Initially I felt unwell but feel fine now even though levels are out of whack. Naturopathic GP has put me on 10000iu of D3 to get my levels up as this is important for many hormone functions. Only suggestion I have is to have an ultrasound of thyroid if you have a lump as its probably a goitre.


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