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Falling T4 &T3

Hi everyone, having been feeling dreadful for the last 9 months, funny how this stupid disease sneaks up on you, I have had Hashi for 13 years diagnosed, and never been well on levothyroxine , lost two businesses, friends and any creative zip. So here I am reading my last four to five years worth of blood test results, I notice every year the t3t4 values dropping, until bingo we are under the set value, my TSH on the other hand has remained fairly stable between 0.75 / 1.05 , my husband pointed out I was going back to how I was before I managed to get T3, now in Sweden (been here a year) I have managed to keep t 3 and the T4, it tastes very sweet, stuffed to the gunnels with fillers including magnesium.

All this time I am trying to get an appointment with a Doctor...

I tried to increase my T4 currently on 75mcg and that's one tablet, so I quartered it and took one every two days... the headpain and toxic feelings were to much .. so I swapped that out for T3 , as my heart rate had dropped again, it would stay resting at 54 bpm when I was trying to do stuff.

I take 10mcg T3 am and now 5 in the evening, I can now at least sleep... the head pain is much less.

I finally got a blood test! Yay ..I was told to stop the T3 for 24 hours before hand , and I felt awful for days... after anyhow the results make weird reading.

TSH 0,27-4,20. Result < 0,15

FREE T3 6-8. Result < 4. (0.1 less than last time

FREE T4 12-22 result. 13 (up 1 since last time

What the hell is going on?

I take potassium, magnesium at night and Vit D and K2 for my B12 protocol. But this has been only really the last 3 months I have managed this regularly and my values have been dropping for years.. the only other thing I noticed is my eGFR out put is 90 when the upper level is 60

Help, I feel so crap and I have a. Shitload to do 😕

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If you are taking only 15mcg T3 and nothing else you are just undermedicated and that's what your results show. Even with a tiny bit of T4, that is a very low dose of anything. My TSH has never been above 0.7 even when I was really, really hypo, so I wouldn't set much store by that - it probably just means that your pituitary isn't doing much.


Heck I just answered your reply with another comment ... brain is mush 🙄


I tried to up my T4 from 75 but it made me feel worse than ever... and I had explosive head pains, like a migraine but triggered by anger, strenuous activity (including sexual activity, poor husband is understanding)

So I stopped trying to raise the level, that was a while ago before T3, but I tried to raise it again recently and I felt awful... hence increasing the T3 instead..

I weight 75kilos just now. Usually 65/70


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