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Adrenavive or Nutri adrenal?

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Hi I'm currently taking Adrenavive as recomended by Dr P but I know before Adrenavive and Metavive he used to recommend the Nutri range.

I see on their website they are back in stock again and they appear to be a lot cheaper than the Adrenavive/Metavive.

As I need to up my dose on these I am looking for the most cost effective way to do it and wondered has anyone tried both of these brands?

I know everyone is different but just wondered if anyone had experience of both and if they felt one was superior to the other?


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Can you phone Doctor P up and ask him which is better?

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Munchlet in reply to bluebug

Having trouble getting hold of Dr P at the moment it always seems to be engaged and I've left a couple of messages but no response as yet.

I used to take NAX and now take Adrenavive III. I felt good on NAX and don't feel quite so good on Adrenavive, so if NAX is in stock again I'll probably go back to it. It was cheaper as it contained B complex and Magnesium, which I have to take separately now.

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Munchlet in reply to Trixie64

Thanks Trixie, I have read on here that a lot of people were doing well on the Nutri products and they seem to be cheaper to so think I might order some and give it a go.

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