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Told I need iron testing - what does that mean?

I had one of the med reviews by the pharmacist - the skinny one thats on levo :) - and I commented that I am tired. She said I should get my iron tested.

So does that mean ferritin, and/or something else. I plan to get thyroid plus vitamins etc tested, but wondered if that was what she meant. I should have asked her but was having a senior day!

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Ferritin and iron status panel, plus full blood count to see if you are anaemic. Ask your GP, tell him that the pharmacist recommended it.

If you do a Blue Horizon or Medichecks Thyroid and vitamin/mineral bundle it only includes ferritin.


Thank you SeasideSusie. I was planning on asking the GP first as the pharmacy is part of the surgery. I will be surprised if I am anaemic, more likely under medicated or lack of sleep! But you never know, I will sort it out next week.


Probably not on optimum thyroid hormones if you also have sleep problems.


Poorly husband, poorly grandchildren and 8 month pregnant daughter not helping!


You have a lot to deal with at present. I hope you can stand up to the pressure.


Lots of women frequently have depleted iron stores ( ferritin levels) without knowing it.

Unfortunately if you have a GP like lots of GPs it won't be treated until you have low haemoglobin or faint/collapse.

There are people who get very low ferritin levels but haemoglobin levels are always fine which is why it only gets treated when they faint/collapse.


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