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Low what does that mean?

4 weeks ago I was put on Levo (50) and I have just been for my follow up appointment with a different (lovely) doctor. The Levo has helped with my constant ear / sinus/ headache problems but my mental awareness and joint pain it has had no affect whatsoever. Anyway I was hoping to get an increase in dose.

When she looked at my results from my previous visit she said I was only just out of the 'normal' range for underactive thyroid, however my TSH was very low. I have to re-test 1st thing tomorrow.

I know this is do with pituitary gland but is this a cause for concern?

Many thanks....I'm shattered, another early night for me xx


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Make sure you don't take the thyroxine before the blood test. Take it only once you've had the blood test. Best of luck and let us know the blood test results so that someone here can help further.



it depends on how low your TSH is - i would have thought that with low TSH and hig T3/ or T4 you were heading towards Hyper thyroid rather than Hypo - have a look at this link and see if it helps - it is from thyroid UK and gives a simple outline of what is Hypo and what is Hyper thryoid as far as your levels are concerned.

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ya and there are different beliefs among the medical profession as to what the normal range is for thyroid reading...old school 0.3-almost.5.0...........but there was research that many do better between 0.3-3.0...That was done in the USA, I think. Hard to get Doctors to listen...


Hi It may be to do with the Pituitary gland if very low. Simple test is a 24 hour urine collection. This is much more likely if a small bang on the head as an infant or big band as adult.

I am sure you know do not take any thyroid meds before a blood test. ideally you need a TSH, T4 and free T3 with the vital ranges, ask receptionist, for a proper diagnosis.A lot of labs will not test all 3 now, in which case, you can pay on line.DIY

Best wishes,


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Thanks all, my biggest mistake was reading these messages today and not last night...I've already taken meds today.

Was going for blood tests at the hospital later today or should I wait to Monday and not take meds? I am struggling with bad ear/ sinus pain today and just want to solution ASAP.

Sorry to moan x


I think most would say wait till Monday, its always best to have not taken your thyroxine before a blood test,

I hope you feel better soon, x


I would wait til Monday and don't take your levo before having the bloods taken.

Jo xx


Monday it is. I will let you know.

Many thanks for your help? I have really appreciated it.



Hello. Just wanted to say that it took a full 8 weeks before the 50mcg dose was having its full effect on me. I felt much better once I had waited that time. At the 4 week mark, I still had some symptoms and still felt foggy headed, although I already felt better than when I wasn't taking any Levo at all. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.


You are right Em, I think I have got my knickers in a twist over the last couple of days and I need to get a grip.

I do feel slightly better but you know what's is like...I just want to be me again x


If TSH is low along with low T4 and T3 its highly indicative of Central Hypothyroid /secondary hypothyroid which simply means the pituarity is faulty and cannot produce enough TSH to flog a failing thyroid

Problem is few doctors even understand this form of hypothyroid and even then consider it to be rare

This simply is not the case as my husband and daughter and grandaughter will attest

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