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good endo at whittington


After I recently moved back to London I have been referred to an endo at the Whittington. After many years searching for a good endo I am reasonably happy. Now my new doctor has referred me to a lady endo initials MR andI dont want to start all over again. Am I allowed to give the full name of the lady I am talking about ?

Can anyone help. Its now years since I posted here.


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Spresser, you can mention the doctor's name but should ask for feedback via private message.

If you are seeing an endo where you used to live and are prepared to travel why not ask to continue seeing him/her?

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Thank you Clutter

My endo at Winchester (I lived in West End in Southampton) wasn't all that good but reluctantly gave me 10 mcg of Liothyronine. I was already on 125mcg of t4 . I found it difficult to split the tablet in half so my doctor raised it to 20 mcg.

When my new doctor in London sent me for bloodtests for a diabetic check up she asked me if I'd eaten that morning and gave me a fasting blood test.

What I didn't realise she tested for t4 and t3 (i have had to beg for these tests before) and unfortunately I had taken only my 20mcg of T3 that morning which meant my T3 result was 9 hence the planned visit ti the endo.

I have spent years with doctors telling me that my my T3 level of 3 was fine. So I really dont want to go backwards now.

Isn't it ironical that now that Ive found a good doctor this happens.

The endo that I'm going to see is Michaela the Whittington London.

Anyone who can message me privately..I would be very grateful.

Sorry clutter for this rather rambling letter. This is nothing compared to the whole story of my quest to get help from doctors.

Many thanks. Wyn

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Spresser, taking FT3 before the blood test will give a high result. Perhaps your doctor could retest FT3?

I think you'll getter a better response if you post a new question with the endo's name in the title.


Hi has anyone seen the endo Michaela Rossi at the Whittington. Would be grateful for any advice. Please message me. Thanks, Wyn

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I think clutter meant a completely new post :-)

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