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Does anyone know of a good doctor in that area? A friend I met online that had an adrenalectomy as well, we both keep up with each other and she was in severe fatigue and bloating. Since my own thyroid episode I've learned that the bloating can be thyroid related. She's had scans that reveal nothing. She says she doesn't know of a doctor who can help. Her regular endo is useless and she of course is under the thumb of the health system. But there's got to be someone out there near her. Any good sources for that? She like most is so tired of the run around. She goes to the ER instead whenever she needs to be seen and they all roll their eyes when they see her now. She says not once has anyone, even endo tested her thyroid. Can anyone help to point her in the right direction? Thank you!


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  • Marvalrus, this is a UK forum so I doubt you'll get recommendations for doctors in Montreal. Perhaps your friend could Google Canadian thyroid fora for recommendations and order her own thyroid labs if her primary doctor won't order them.

  • I have talked to her about getting tests herself. It's gotta be possible although I have heard it's difficult. She's so weary from all the endo visits and no help that she is giving in to this is just how her life is. I told her to look around for some 'bio-identical' hormone docs, but she isn't helping herself. So I just thought to see if anyone here knew. I thought I had seen a few Canadian people here or mention of it. I will look around and see what I come up with. Thank you, Clutter.

  • Marvelus, there are some Canadian members but they're not from Montreal as far as I'm aware.

  • marvalrus, I can't believe what I'm reading - its bad over here too but to have had an adrenalectomy... I had no idea that such a procedure was carried out. Can you please say why that is done?

    I will PM you with a place to contact in the US.

    Best wishes to you and your friend, at least you have one another!!

    Take care and be well :-)


  • It's not your average surgery, that's for sure. But I had an adenoma on the cortex. It was secreting cortisol on it's own, so there was no need for my pituitary to secrete ACTH, which ultimately put my other adrenal gland out of order. Caused me great fatigue and cardiovascular issues. I was never high or low cortisol, but operating off a faulty adrenal gland. It is said these adenomas are "incidentals" found on scans while looking for something else. They say most do nothing, but I think they should reevaluate that assessment. Many people with these adenomas are not feeling well. I guess it's good for business though to keep giving band-aid drugs for the symptoms until the patient breaks down, which is pretty much what happened to me.

  • I'm not 'liking' that at all! Sounds really awful and so much like the 'stuff' that goes on over here. Yes, many people do not feel well but are at best sneered at... time docs were re-evaluated, let alone tests ;-) Business, it would seem, has now become paramount across those countries with £$£$... the other poor souls :-(

    Thank you so much marvalrus, we learn something new most days.

    Very best to you and your friend, hope you both get something sorted. xox

  • It's difficult when you feel "alone" with a problem. I often go to one of my favorite teachers....."you tube". I don't know if it would help you at all but there seems to be a lot about adrenolectomies.

    You never know.

  • I did view some videos on the surgery itself, but I've not ever looked to see if people are talking about it! That is a great tip. I will def check it out!

    You know, a lot of people w/adrenalectomies are extremely fatigued. I have to wonder if thyroid is def part of the issue.

    I really feel sorry for her because she def feels alone and thinks the only time the doctors will listen is when something gives and I think she just waits for that. She is a delightful person, but has given up trying to find a doctor that listens. What a shame. I have sent her a few links that I found. But I guess she needs to take the initiative.....

    Thanks for that tip on the Youtubes....gonna go look ;)

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