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Blood Tests


I was diagnosed with hypothyroid last summer & discovered it was Hashimoto during pregnancy.

I'm 4mths post partum & I've got some blood tests due to check my levels - and checking for arthritis & celiac as well due to other symptoms- sometimes the dr tells me to fast and not take my thyroxine before the blood tests and other times tells me to eat & take meds (depends on which dr at the practice I see to book in for the tests).

Just wondering if there is a definitive answer to this so I'll know what to do for this & future tests!

Thank you and sorry for asking such a basic question, I'm confused after conflicting advice from the different GPs!

Thank you!

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Best to get early morning testing - before 9 am - and fast over-night. And take your levo after the blood draw. Drink plenty of water, though. :)

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Thank you! I really appreciate you're advice, my appointment is first thing in the morning so this will be easy to follow.

Thanks again!


You're welcome. :)

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