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Thyroid and cortisol problem

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Thyroid fluctuating was on 50micrograms but free t4 was 11 and dose changed to 75 - now TSH gone down to 0.2 and Free T4 12 - Gp also tested cortisol which noted low at 119 - being referred to endocrinologist but nervous and worried regarding problem - have been having low bp 88/59 recently then goes back to 100/70 so very worried what's going on. Any advice - sleeping not good either

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helvellaAdministrator in reply to Vatari


Your response on this thread appears to having nothing to do with the original poster's question(s).

I urge you to write a brand new post asking whatever you want to know.

Would be helpful if you provided more information for people to base their answers on.

thyroid and adrenals are linked - you should support your adrenal glands with herbs and possible homeopathic remedies like adrenaline alternate with thyroxin. Liquourice and Borage. Then seek to repair leaky gut and cut out gluten which could be affecting your immune system causing inflammation and thyroid destruction. There are a number of reasons that can cause poor T3/T4 production but the blood tests will help direct you. Sounds like you have a good GP at least to take cortisol - many don't. I have similar levels but not on medication and taking supportive vitamins and minerals - selenium, magnesium, B Complex, Zinc, ensure C and D levels are good.

Bone broth for gut repair - and a good probiotic daily. Addressing hormonal issues is both gut repair and absorption alongside supporting adrenals and calming immune system. Do hope some of this helps. Check T3 levels as T4 is the hormone they add but you still need to covert to the active component.

When adrenals are tired and start dipping cortisol it will affect the whole system. Just be wary of any endo advising a Synacthen test to check for Addisons Disease - I had one and it floored me for weeks. With low thyroid it isn't always advisable as puts a huge strain on adrenals and puts T3 into reverse (shock to the system) may not always be that way for someone but it was very bad for me. Addisons is rare - so Synacthen test not always necessary.

All the best

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Lisafaith in reply to sara747

Thank you Sara that has been very helpful and yes I believe this is a good gp the first who has assessed me since having been on thyroxine in 3 years, just left on 50mcgs. As symptoms worsening including calf pain and such tiredness glad I have been referred. Saw a homeopath years ago for a work stress issue and was very good - unsure who will help best her or endo but will see endo first to see what they say.

Kind regards


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MrsRaven in reply to sara747

My endo did an extended synacthen test with me and decided on the basis of the result that there’s nothing wrong with my adrenals though I have all the symptoms of adrenal insufficiency


It’s a pity they only tested tsh t4 and one cortisol level.

Ideally you need dhea and cortisol testing with a saliva kit. The test gives you readings 4 times in a day/ night. You need both to survive- people only concentrate and on cortisol - dhea is v important- see dr Sarah Myhill. Co . Uk adrenals.

There are only so many combinations so it is v easy to interpret. It is private thro Genova- whether your endo will do it remains to be seen.

They need to look at all your thyroid functions- t3 thyroid antibodies reverse t3 and all your vitamin levels especially d3 b12 folate and ferretin.

Good luck

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Lisafaith in reply to Howard39

Thank you Howard - it's so reassuring hearing advice from other people as I really would like to feel healthier and happier.

Kind regards


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Howard39 in reply to Lisafaith


You will - it’s time money and patience( sadly)

Best wishes

Oh and sleep

Tried pulsatilla- good

Tryptophan- brilliant

Motherwort good too.

From what your tests results are showing it looks as though you may have Addison's disease with low cortisol results, this is possibly why your Thyroid levels are low. If there is a pituitary problem then both TSH & T4 needs to be tested as the usual TSH result is affected by the pituitary. You also have a very low BP which can again can be due to the low cortisol. Have a look at the website. If your BP drops low or you feel dizzy , have diarrhoea & vomiting then you need to go to A&E immediately as it is a medical emergency! What time was your blood taken for cortisol? If it was in the morning then it should be over 400, yours is rather low, it shows that your body is making some cortisol but not enough. I have adrenal insufficiency (Addisons) so am more aware than some people!

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Lisafaith in reply to PaulineS

Hi Pauline - just had cortisol bloods retested at weekend done at 9am and sure last one that was 119 was that early too also Gp ordered other hormone tests but unsure what they were so will call surgery in the week and get a copy and chase private endo referral. Blood pressure has concerned me for several years but never given an answer by anyone - had an op 4 years ago under local anaesthetic and heart rate and bp both hit the floor and I could hear but couldn't wake up took hours to get me stable which was scary and unexpected response after this op so am nervous of what is going on and hope can get sorted. Have looked and thought myself possible Addisons.

Thank you for your response

Kind regards


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PaulineS in reply to Lisafaith

So at 9am the cortisol should be over 400 so you are low. I always worry when people talk about adrenal fatigue but with low BP it' s more likely you have adrenal insufficiency. Be aware that not all Endo's are experienced with pituitary problems. ring either the Addison's or pituitary foundation to find out centres of excellence in your area. Good luck x

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Lisafaith in reply to PaulineS

Thank you - I will keep you updated when I get some information and greatly appreciate your advise

Kind regards


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