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Interpret my Thyroid results please?

TSH 0.62

Free T4 13.6

Free T3 4.3

Low body temperature

Felt tired/lethargic for ~8yrs never had anything back from the docs apart from 'normal'

According to Dr Rind my TSH is low, free T3 is high and free T4 is just above optimal. What does this mean?

I am not on any form of medication of extracts etc?

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Do you have the reference ranges because, without them, it is impossible to tell. Reference ranges vary quite a lot between labs. For example one lab might have a T4 range of 10 - 25 but another may have a range of 7.8 - 14.4.

If you can give us the reference ranges for the lab where your tests were processed, someone will be able to help :)

Carolyn x


The reference ranges are irrelevant surely? What might be classed as 'normal' in the lab my doctors use may be different to another. The actual values are what is important.

I have used Dr Rind's relative scale and my results can be seen here:



Carolyn is absolutely right in what she says. If you can't provide the reference ranges from YOUR lab tests (which may be very different to Dr Rind's examples - he specifies throughout labs vary) then perhaps the best person to help you is Dr Rind. If you don't have the ranges because the surgery did not give them to you then you may be being fobbed off with the typical ' normal' statement. So many people on here know how untrue that can be. Any surgery worth their salt knows that interpretation of results depends on the reference ranges used by THAT lab (their testing equipment is calibrated to suit) so why haven't they given them to you?

I'm sure if you are able to answer this. lots of people will jump to help you - including Caroline.

Hope this helps and please keep posting - this site is helping numerous people.


Again I'm not sure why the reference ranges are needed? If I weigh myself and I am 100kg then I am 100kg end of sports. One doctor interpreting the weighing scale may say I'm overweight another may say I'm normal. Regardless of which one is right I'm still 100kg.

Dr rind doesn't look at lab results relative to normal, he converts them to a relative scale so one can compare like for like. What am I missing here??


I'm not interested in what my results are compared to the other x number of people who have gone through the same lab, I'm interested in what my results mean from a general concensus not just a normal from my doctor


a big article explaining why the reference ranges are irrelevant drrind.com/therapies/thyroi...


gareth, did you look at the interpretation matrix? I don't really see your particular results other than healthy. If only your pituitary was off, your T4 and T3 wouldn't be near optimal at all. You seem to be converting well.

How about other tests like ferritin, B12 and folate.

There is a remark about adrenals, if low, will steal progesterone to make cortisol. Would your age show any decline in progesterone?


high t3? low tsh and normal t4 is healthy? I've got those results I'll dig them out tomorrow...

aged 29, what should progesterone be?


any more thoughts?




Finally managed to get a copy of the lab results which are as follows:

[QUOTE]Serum testosterone = 13.6 nmol/L

Free T4 = 13.6 pmol/L

Free T3 = 4.3 pmol/L

TSH = 0.62 mU/L

Serum folate = 3.8 ug/L (3.1-20)

Serum ferritin = 29microg/L (15-300)

Serum vitamin B12 = 680 ng/L (130-900)

Red blood cell distribution width = 13%

Basophil count = 0.1 10*9/L (0.00 - 0.10)

Haematocrit = 0.505

Lymphocyte count = 2 10*9/L (1.0 - 4.5)

White cell count = 6.1 10*9/L (4.0 - 11.0)

Red blood count = 5.32 10*12/L (4.5 - 6.0)

Platelet count = 252 10*9/L(150 - 400)

Neutrophil count = 3.5 10*9/L (1.7 - 7.5)

Monocyte count = 0.4 10*9/L (0.2 - 0.8)

Mean cell volume = 95 fL (80.0 - 100.0)

Mean cell haemoglobin = 29.3 pg

Haemoglobin estimation = 156 g/L (130 - 180)

Eosinophil count = 0.2 10*9/L (0.0 - 0.4)[/QUOTE]

All being described as 'normal' with no need for a follow up.

However I have already determined the following based on this table that the results are not 'optimal'.

[QUOTE]Test Lab Low Optimal Range Lab High

TSH 0.5 1.3-1.8 5.0

Free T4 0.8 1.2-1.3 1.8

Free T3 230 320-330 420

Free T3* 2.3 3.2-3.3 4.2


1. TSH is relatively low - indicative of an issue in conjunction with other symptoms

2. Free T3 is high - this would represent hyperthyroidism according to my book 'Stop The Thyroid Madness' although could indicate low cortisol with presence of hypothyroid symptoms but should aslo request antibody tests to rule out Hashimoto's or Graves Disease

3. Average daily temperature is low, currently ~97.4f which has however increased from ~96.8f. currently taking 2 Nutri Thyroid tablets a day. Clear indication of hypothyroidism

4. Average daily temperature not within 0.3f of each other over a 5 day period, indicative of adrenal issues

5. Vitmain B12 is not optimal. Need to increase to 800+ so will up my intake of B-Vitamins

6. Ferritin: [I]Measures your levels of storage iron, which can be chronically low in hypothyroid patients. If your Ferritin result is less than 50, your levels are too low and can be causing problems…as well as leading you into anemia as you fall lower, which will give you symptoms similar to hypo, such as depression, achiness, fatigue. If you are in the 50's, you are scooting by. Optimally, females shoot for 70-90 at the minimum (Janie’s is 80 when her iron is good); men tend to be above 100 and optimally close to the 130's. [/I]http://www.stopthethyroidmadness.com/lab-values/

So therefore appear to be deficient in iron

7. Folate, lower end of scale. Again deficient from what is optimal

So it appears something is up as I've suggested all along.

Any other comments or opinions on the results?

I will be going back with my thoughts and requesting further tests and a referral, if there are no thyroid antibodies present I will request I be treated for hypothyroidism regardless. If they do not I will change doctors until I find one that will.

They are happy to dish out anti-depressants but are not looking at the real clinical presentation.

Requests for my next batch of tests so far will be:

Vitamin D test

Thyroid antibodies

24hr saliva test

Help appreciated as I really want to nail this this year before it drives me insane, I cannot feel like this I'm 29 not 92!


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