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RT3 results

Just had my rt3 results in and they are still high. Had bloods drawn when I had been back on 5mcg T3 for a week with 100mcg Levo. Have been on that dose now for 2 weeks and looking to up T3 to 10mcg.

March 2016 0.77 (0.14-0.54 nmol/L)

October 2017 0.73 (0.14-0.54 nmol/L)

Looking back on my calendar when I had my 2016 test I wasn't on T3 which is when I was seeing that private Endo who could clearly see I wasn't converting but was reluctant to prescribe me some T3 because of my severe anxiety. I think I was on 100mcg Levo only.

Clearly I still have a conversion problem, whether my gut issues have something to do with it I don't know.

What to do now please??????? When I up my T3 to 10mcg shall I drop my T4 down to 75mcg?

Latest thyroid results when I was on 125mcg Levo and stopped T3 in July

***26th September 2017**** - 125 Levo, no T3 since 9th July

TSH 1.62 (0.27 - 4.20)

Free T4 21.10 (12.0 - 22.0)

Free T3 L 2.50 (3.1 - 6.8)

Vitamin B12 H 917

Serum Folate 39.10 8.83 - 60.8

Ferritin 89.5 20 - 150

Anti-Thyroidperoxidase abs H 188.0

Anti-Thyroglobulin Abs H 183

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Members will need to see TSH, FT4 and FT3 in order to advise on dosing.


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