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T3 only and low dose NDT

Hi all. I've got hashimoto's and need to be on a thyroid supplement but struggle with taking sufficient quantities. I get a head ache (prevents me working) and burning tingles in my hands and feet as the dosage is increased. Need to get on correct dose because my kidneys are beginning to suffer. Have cold hands and feet all the time

Started on Thyroxin 3 years ago , these side effects started happening after taking too much for a few months (175ugm). But remained unless I dropped to 25ugm thyroxin.

Been on Natural Desiccated Thyroid (NDT) since Jan 16, could just about tolerate 60mg(1grain) daily but with a TSH of 6.6. Could never get up to correct dose 2-3 grains.

Currently trying Tertroxin synthetic T3. Started on 60ugm pre day, head okish but hands and feet burning up, particularly at night. Today I'm going to try 40ugm (10ugm x 4 hours separation). Once I work out a daily dose of Tertroxin I'm going to add a low dose NDT back in so I have some T4 on board.


Are others going through these issues or have similar experiences.

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hi jamesal0... i am only on levothyroxin, but the tingling and burning in my hands and feet today is horrendous.. its like my skin is too tight and an inner throbbing... i upped my dose of t4 about a month ago, and not been right since... is this a symptom of upping too high do you think? its so annoying not to get any relief from the feelings isnt it?


I think we have some underlying issue but dont know what. Hence my post. The only way I can get relief is dropping my T4 down to about half dose. And then I am starting to get organ damage - cant win


Am wondering how your levels of Ferritin - Folate - B12 - VitD are. These all need to be optimal and not bumping along the bottom of the range. Only then will thyroid hormones work well in the body.

Adrenals ? Have just posted an article about them .....

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Ferritin=350 (30-300)

B12=327 (>170)

Active B12=128 (>35)

Serum Folate=30.1 (>5.9)

VitD dont know

Adrenal Function Saliva Test (Cortisol)

6:00am = 2.5 ( ideal <15)something wrong here

11:30am = 16 ( ideal <8) something wrong here

18:00pm = 7 (ideal <5)something wrong here

22:00pm = 3 (ideal <3)

Don't understand Adrenals

E1 = 136

E2 = 5


DHEA-S = 23 (.7-9.4) something wrong here


Ferritin that high can suggest inflammation somewhere in the body. B12 looks LOW. Adrenals - I don't know a great deal either. Folate also looks too high.

Have you looked into Methylation problems ?


If hypo we don't need T4 if we are taking some T3 in some other form, i.e. T4 is inactive and has to convert to T3.

I am assume ugm means mcg. 1 gr of NDT is equal, in effect, to 100mcg of levothyroxine. Some people need smaller doses and not everyone needs 2.3.4 gr.

I shall give you a couple of links and the fact is that the TSH doesn't tell us, the patient, how we are feeling and if you test it several times a day it will probably never be identical.

Some help in the following links and it refers to any NDT not just the named one and you can print-off form at bottom of page.


It's how we feel on thyroid hormones which is the best judge of dose, i.e. on a suitable dose for us we feel well, too much unpleasant sensations, too little we feel unwell.





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