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High tsh after years of stability

Hi I was hoping someone could shed light on this. I've had hashimotos for nearly 20 years and after initially taking thyroxine went onto armour thyroid. My levels have been pretty much stable ever since. I changed to thyroid s a few years ago when armour became difficult to get. Sometimes when I run out of thyroid s I've taken thyroxine. Last winter my gp told me I was overmedicated as my tsh was suppressed so I lowered my dose to 150 mcg. In the summer I discovered my tsh was 7 so I upped my dose back to 200 mcg, then started taking thyroid s again and took 2 grains, like I've always taken. I've just had my results back again and my tsh is now 11!! I don't know how much to take now. Can we suddenly start needing more medication after years of having this disease?

I've not noticed any more symptoms as I also have ME and have never been able to separate the symptoms- apart from I've gained weight and have been unable to lose any.

Sorry about the long complicated post!

Thanks, nicola

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The exact same thing is happening to me !

Years of stable levels and now things gone haywire.

GP has upped my levo ( I have been taking Mercury Pharma levo for years since not being able to source natural thyroid after coming back from US )

Now taking 275 mcgms levo daily but only since Tuesday so just hoping increase will work.

I firmly believe that being messed about over B12 injections has contributed to my thyroid imbalance now.


Hi, maybe our thyroids just get worse over time? I've been told to go up to 225 mcg but if I've gone down so much on 200 I suspect I'll need more. Interestingly I'm about to start b12 injections for my ME, I've had them before but not for ages.


I hope the B12 helps with both problems for you. I am sure you are right

that a 25mcgm increase may not be enough and my own GP will not test for another 3 months on higher dose so I will try to afford private blood tests to monitor.

Like you I have no idea how many symptoms are thyroid as I have MS.

Difficult isn't it 😣


Why do we never have just one illness to contend with! It gets really confusing and difficult, especially when you have illnesses doctors don't understand! 😩



Thyroid function tends to decrease as we age. I would increase to 2.5 grains and then to 3 grains in two weeks. Stick at 3 grains for 6-8 weeks and retest before increasing dose.


Thanks, I guess I am 46 now so in a completely different age bracket to before. I have hashimotos so I don't know if that makes a difference too. I might go down the private testing route as it would be interesting to see what's going on with my t3, t4 and antibodies.


My levels went haywire when I had undiagnosed Coeliac. My dose of thyroxin was gradually increasing and my vitamin and iron levels were on the floor. It can be common for us to have more than one autoimmune issue sadly


Yes, I've got ME as well and some say that has an autoimmune component. That's interesting about the coeliac disease, recently if I eat gluten the bloating is ridiculous, I look 7 months pregnant and my stomach is hard to the touch.

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I think they are all linked too. Do you have low iron/ferritin or symptoms like mouth ulcers? Not everyone with Coeliac has weight loss and the runs - I didn’t I just felt awful and blood levels were constantly at the bottom of the range. Have a look at Coeliac Uk for symptoms. The first test is a simple blood test (but don’t go gluten free before getting tested)

Good luck finding out what’s going on


Hi yes I get mouth ulcers a lot but thought this was because of the ME and low immunity.... it's a minefield!

I'll look into getting a blood test, thanks


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