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Help with results from Iron

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Hi there ,

Please can someone help offer advice on my results . I have constant swollen lymph nodes now going for thyroid scan no date set yet . I am so exhausted and weak no energy at all . I have been given halter tablets one per day . These are my results :

B12 542

Range 197-777

Folate 2.5

Range 3.9-26.8

Iron percentage


Range 30-40

Iron profile


Range 10-30

Many thanks .

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I don't know what halter tablets are but you need to see your GP about these:

Folate 2.5 Range 3.9-26.8

Below range, folate deficiency.

Iron profile

9.3 Range 10-30

What is "iron profile"? Is this serum iron? Whatever it is it's below range.

A full iron panel should include serum iron, ferritin, transferrin saturation and TIBC (Total Iron Binding Capacity).


As for B12 542 Range 197-777

- this is in range but this is Total B12. Active B12 is the test that tells us what is available to be taken up by the cells. I don't think Active B12 is normally done by the NHS but as you have folate deficiency it's not uncommon to have B12 deficiency too so check for signs of B12 deficiency here and discuss any symptoms that you have with your GP:

Also check out NHS information about folate and B12 deficiency here:

Apologies Seaside Susie it’s Galfer tablets for my haemoglobin apparently it’s low too though no idea of range .

Thank you so much for your advice I really appreciate it .

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SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to Soprano67

Galfer tablets - ah, that's ferrous fumarate, 100mg elemental iron per capsule. How many are you taking? I'm wondering if you have a diagnosis of iron deficiency anaemia for which you should be prescribed 2 capsules daily.

Have you read the patient information leaflet? It says

Talk to your doctor if you have


Vitamin deficiency, particularly B12 or folic acid


and this link from says

4.4 Special warnings and precautions for use


(iv) Co-existing deficiency of vitamin B12 or folic acid should be ruled out since combined deficiencies produce microcytic blood film.


So if these haven't already been discussed with your GP then you should point them out.

I am taking one tablet per day of the ferrous fumurate and I bought my own b12 lambert tablets last week . I know my gp doesn’t test for active b12. My mum suffers from pernicious anaemia but I seek to need b12 my consultant agreed to that at the time . I think I might need folic acid tablets too so might see doc tomorrow as my lymph glands are swollen again . I bought Holland and Barrett tablets two months ago with gp approval but it seems to have lowered all my iron .

I did get iron transference it was 9.3 range 10-30 .

Thank you .

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SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to Soprano67

The information I linked to says that 1 x capsule is for prevention of iron deficiency anaemia. Ask if you have iron deficiency anaemia, with the results you've already mentioned I wouldn't be surprised, but if you've had a full blood count then the MCV and MCH will indicate it.

If your mother has PA then you should be tested for it. Stop the folic acid, that will mask symptoms of B12 deficiency/PA, ask to be tested. Check the signs and symptoms I linked to and list any that you have to show your doctor.

You can actually do a private fingerprick test for Active B12 with Medichecks, costs £39 but currently on offer at £29. If the special offer price ends you can use code THYROIDUK for 10% discount.

A result below 70 suggests testing for B12 deficiency.

My gp says it’s because of my poor diet stress and heavy periods . I must admit my mum was very ill for this last year and half and I have sometimes not eaten because she wasn’t , though thankfully she is a lot better now she was put back into her b12 injections .

Thank you Seaside Susie I really appreciate all your advice 😊

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