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Betrayal - Episode 1

Dr. O'Bryan begins with the death of his father. They could find no explanation for his cardiac arrest since he did not have heart blockages or blood clots. What they did explore was that he had high homocysteine levels and it turns out that this will cause spasms of the blood vessels. This is actually connected to gluten which is a shocking fact but what happens is that the gluten causes malabsorption which then caused malnutrition and the lack of B vitamins was the basis of the spasm and that eventually caused his death. Dr. O'Bryan adds that it takes only about 3 weeks to build up your vitamin B levels. It makes me wonder how many people have died in this same way and so senselessly.

Conventional medicine suppresses the immune system and we know this is not a cure. It is better to reduce the need for the immune system which reducing gluten may accomplish. What is the immune system for? It is the repair mechanism and looks for any tissue damage which happens normally from activity of your body. The body is always either renewing or destroying but we have new skin in a matter of 28 days, the lining of the gut is only 3 to 5 days so this renewal gives hope of healing.

The statistics for autoimmune disease are terrible and it often takes five to ten or more years to identify. There may be as many as 88 different types of autoimmune issues and probably millions of victims.

Dr. Izabella Wentz is among the interviewees who did an admirable job herself with the Thyroid Secret. As usual diet and stress need to be addressed but the three main triggers are allergens, microbes and toxins as main ingredients. For instance the CCP antibody for rheumatoid arthritis is known, if those can be found early you may be able to stop it before it becomes a full blown disease. If this movement leads to regular screening for antibodies can you imagine the prevention of so many diseases will be cured before they begin.

Episode 2 will be on leaky gut and he also expresses that vitamin D is probably THE most important test to take. If you are interested, the original link is in my other post.

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Thanks again, Heloise.


Hi Heloise, I just wanted to thank you for suggesting these series, I am currently watching them, and I really appreciate you writing a summary of each chapter as sometimes my brain fog does not allow me to concentrate on the documentary. Also because, while the information in it is interesting, there is a lot of extra footage of distracting computer generated images, and lots of random people in distress, to fill up the visual content, and so reading your to-the-point summaries help immensely in obtaining the information without all the extras.


You're welcome Spicy. It was such a phenomenal and eye opening series. We need to spread the word and expose the fact that conventional medicine may not be the best option for treatment and we can do so much for ourselves. The importance of vitamin D which is a prehormone really is so essential and I keep trying to find ways of increasing it. I just learned that mushrooms may be a good food source of D. I often post John Bergman's videos who understands hormones so thoroughly and says there is no flu season but there is a vitamin D deficiency season. If you haven't seen him on You Tube you will learn a lot on almost any health topic


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