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Supplementing synthetic with natural?

Hello again!Thanks for the follow up to my first post yesterday on where to find non prescription thyroid meds. I appreciate the info.

Currently, I am on a compounded synthetic t4/t3, 88/45 mcg. My free t3 is below range and free t4 barely in range. TSH is mid range, but that doesn't mean much to me since I feel very hypo for months now.... Long story short, I am unable to get my prescription increased at the moment.

Does anyone supplement with a natural t4/t3? I just started reading up on Thyro Gold, which may be a little easier to get due to its 'supplement' status(btw, I am in the US). I wonder if adding a little will help. Anyone use this stuff?

Thanks again!

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Some members do very well on ThyroGold but I don't think they add it to Levothyroxine. It comes in capsule form so it wouldn't be easy to add small amounts of TG to your current dose. It would be easier to buy tablet NDT and add 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 of a 1 grain (60mg) tablet to your existing dose.

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Hello,can you please let me know where to obtain ndt because I can't locate it and gp won't let me have a script for it even though my tests are low for free t3 and high for t4.



If you want advice on where to buy NDT please Write a post asking for feedback to be sent to you via private messages. If you include recent thyroid results and ranges, and current thyroid medication members will help you to transition from Levothyroxine to NDT.


Help with ndt. I can't seem to find it to get started.

I've had results reading

T4 22

t3 3.8

I've also developed osteoporosis along with fibromyalgia and use protopic for itchy rashes. Now dermatologist is looking to give me immunosuppressive tabs.

I'd like to try and have been advised by an endo at Salford royal hospital that the only way to obtain ndt is on the net. Lots of his patients do it but he can't or won't prescribe t3 although he mentioned he would keep an eye on blood .


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