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Blood results - what are my legal rights?

My latest thyroid blood test results are in. But the receptionist won't release them until they have been 'read' by the doctor who officially requested them. She is not in until Friday. I asked if someone else could read them - receptionist says only my officially listed GP - who doesn't have a telephone appointment until Friday. So I rang up my endocrinologist's secretary who said the endocrinologist isn't in until - you guessed it - Friday. I can't get even a random GP telephone appointment until Monday.

What are my actual legal rights? Can I insist on getting the results even if they haven't been reviewed by one of the GPs?

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My understanding is that the GP has to see them first.


Bother. Thanks.


Yep GP must review first, annoying but that's how it is.

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Thanks. I'm just desperate to know. Been hanging on, got them done two days early I was feeling so ill and now that was pointless.


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