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Blood results 'no comment'

Hi, I had bloods done last week and when I asked on Friday if I could have a copy of the results I was told that all were normal except for 3 which had 'no comment next' to them so I could not have a copy. Has anyone ever had this and do you know what it means? Doctor's receptionist did not seem to know and said I should see a Doctor for more information however there is a 3 week wait for next appointment as one GP currently on holiday. I don't want to be worrying over nothing but the 3 'no comment' results were white cell count, fbc and rheumatoid c factor. I have been exceptionally exhausted recently and only went to GP as I though maybe my thyroxine needed to be increased as symptons I had before being diagnosed as hypo were all too familiar.

Many thanks if anyone can help.

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Norwood, The Data Protection Act entitles patients to see their test results with the lab ref ranges. Contact your practice manager and ask for your results. Don't be fobbed off, tell him/her you are making a subject access request . The practice is entitled to charge you a nominal £1 or £2 to cover the cost of printer ink and paper.



Thank you very much, I did not know that, that is really good to know tyty will call them now.



You can also tell her that you will be asking for a copy of all your blood tests in future as you want them for your own records.


Is there a duty doctor at the surgery or your own gp who you can contact by phone? This is sometimes the best method to help if you have a question.it doesn't take up an appointment but gets you the answer you need? It's what our surgery has and it works well.


Thank you for your reply. I will check with the surgery.

Many thanks



If you go to thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/NHS_In... you can download the NHS constitution which states:

You have the right of access to your own health records and to have any factual inaccuracies corrected.

If the results are held on a computer you can view them for free. If you want a printout you may have to pay, I have a great GP who gives me a copy for free.

Bear in mind , they are not all like this!

There is a ton of information about “allsorts” at thyroiduk.org.uk

Good luck !!


this is why results given over the phone by GPs' receptionists are unacceptable.

Surely we're at a place now where the results, in full, can be emailed to patients? Certainly if one asks for that method? It would take these 'I'm too busy' people mere moments to email, as opposed to spending 10 minutes explaining how busy everyone is and tying up the ever-busy phone lines.

Grrr on your behalf!

Excellent advice given on how to get your results and when you've got 'em post 'em here for advice on what they say.


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