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When to start meds again after over range T3 result..?

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This weeK bloods revealed I was overmedicated on 2.5 grain ndt

with tsh <0.005

T4 16.9 (12-22)

T3 8.08 (3.1-6.8) my symptoms under and over are pretty much the same except more hairloss and scalp/face tingling last few wks (so obvs overmedication symptom! ) I had results Wednesday and haven't taken any thing since then ...I must say I feel the same as before (no better or worse than under/over ) but just want to know ( seeing as I can't guage by symptoms) when I should start back on a lower dose ndt? Tomorrow maybe ?or should I leave a bit longer?or should I have re started already?..I've no idea how long t3 takes to drop significantly ,thanks

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I would start tomorrow. FT3 should have dropped considerably in 5 days.

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Thanks Clutter I shall start back on 1.75 tomorrow as I think it was the 2 grain that started the itchy/crawling scalp with alarming hairloss which as my temperatures were low I thought maybe was undermedication that's why I pushed on ,but in hindsight is was overmedication! ...I have learned a lesson for sure regarding temperatures and not to dose by them!...certainly misleading in my particular case!🖒

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Don't beat yourself up. I doubt anyone self medicating hasn't overmedicated at some point. When I overmedicated my hair was coming out in clumps. I reduced dose but it took 7 weeks for hair to stop coming out.

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