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Full of questions?

Do you get a flu shot? And how does it affect you and your thyroid? Also curious what everyone thinks of taking iodine supplements and selenium. And one last one, what's your thoughts on fluoride treatment from dentist? I was on Synthroid for over 30 years...never really ever felt good...but never knew why? Asked to be put on Armour 6 months ago. Doctor didn't want to but finally did. So I've been on Armour for about 6 months now, feeling somewhat better but still not there yet? Always trusted doctor's or was blind...thinking they knew best. Listening to my body finally. And asking questions when they say I'm fine when I'm not! I absolutely love this site!!! Thank you all! I feel like I've gotten a little of my life back!

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1) Lots of posts recently about flu jabs - lots of 'against'



I've had one flu jab, about 4 years ago, it didn't affect me or my thyroid, but I wont be having any more, reasons in those threads.

2) Iodine should be tested before considering supplementing, and not the loading test where you take iodine before doing it as that apparently gives a very large percentage of iodine deficient results and gives rise to whether the test is flawed blog.zrtlab.com/flaws-in-th...

3) Supplementing with selenium helps conversion of T4 to T3 and can help reduce antibodies where Hashi's is present. Some people prefer to test before supplementing.

4) Flouride can interfere with the function of the thyroid gland, it's best to avoid all added forms of flouride.

I originally come from Birmingham in England, which was the first place to have flouridated water when it was introduced in the 1960s. The incidence of hypothyroidism in Birmingham is higher than elsewhere in the country.

From birminghammail.co.uk/news/m...

Researchers said GPs in the West Midlands were nearly twice as likely to report high hypothyroidism prevalence as Greater Manchester, where it is not added to drinking water.

I had 30 years of flouridated water altogether. Flouridation of water started when I was 16, I became hypothyroid at age 25/26. My mother later developed hypothyroidism as did my sister in law. We all lived in Birmingham. I now live in Wales where the water is not flouridated and no plans currently to do so.

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Thank so much for the info and experience share with me! Lots of interesting reading!


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