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Can anyone please interpret my results?

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I recently posted about a lump on my neck and it was suggested I post my blood test results.

I got the print out today and the Dr has told me everything is normal.

I don't understand any of the results but I have read lots about people mentioning TSH, T4, T3.

My TSH results are 1.18 mU/L (0.35 - 5.5) - looks normal to me!

but I can't seem to find anything on the list that says T3 or T4.

Is there any other results that would be helpful?

Can you have a thyroid cyst without it affecting the thyroid.

I kind of feel like a 'gate crasher' on this site because I know so many of you are suffering and all I've seem to have is a lump!

I do feel tired, my bones (especially my lower back) ache and I've put on a stone in a couple of years but I put it down to my age (50), being a single mum, not getting enough sleep and peri-menopause!!

Thanks for any help

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Hi, any lumps or bumps should be looked at on an ultrasound - I have a lump on my thyroid and I am having a thyroidectomy on Friday as it's cancerous. In the meantime try taking some vitamin D as low VitD is common in unhealthy thyroid cases... Take with K2 to help absorption. This may help with the fatigue. My thyroid tests were all "normal" by the way!

Thank you for your reply and good luck for Friday.

I've had an ultrasound, report says

cystic lesion demonstrated within the left thyroid lobe measures 28mm x 18mm x 21mm. There are a few septations demonstrated internally, with some debris noted, however no discernible Doppler of blood flow was seen internally. Suggest haemorrhagic cyst/nodule. No suspicious features were seen, however suggest interval ultrasound rescan if increase in size/appearance. small nodule demonstrated within lower pole of right lobe.

It all seems very interesting (NOT) but I have absolutely no idea what it all means, however the Dr has told me it's non cancerous and I've got an appointment on the 7th October with an endo.

Does anyone have a clue abut this report?

All I know is that my cells showed up as highly suspicious on the ultrasound, which was the first pointer towards cancer, this was confirmed with CT and MRI scans, ultrasound is usually reliable, if nothing calciferous shows up you should be fairly reassured its nothing nasty!

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