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Can normal flu worsen hashimoto/ cause swollen thyroid gland?

Few days ago I thought I got rid the flu but no. Stuffed nose cleared but I have awful cough. So bad that I have today had three episodes of not being able to breathe at all. And right side of my neck is hurting moving my head , couching or swallowing.

Woke up normally and about in hour started to make breakfast. Suddenly I felt I cannot breathe. I started to hyper ventilate. Never experienced worse feeling. Upper part of my chest and neck was just so tight breathing was impossible. Boiled some water and in the mean time was breathing in a bag. Had to be on my knees and lean forwards to be able to breathe. Inhaled some steam with menthol and started to feel better. Was eating, coughing and tried not to choke. Was feeling fine for few hours after that episode.

This happened before lunch and dinner as well !!! Just before I started to eat.

I am wondering is my thyroid gland causing part of the feeling. And if my hormones are all over the place.

Been sick for a week now. No fever. They this flu is difficult and takes time to get better :(

I did not go to er as inhaling steam resolves the issue fast. Would take 45 minutes for me to drive to er so I rather inhale steam than go drive and pass out.

My lungs are not hurting just upper part of chest and neck.

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I think you need to see a doctor about this. It is not normal to not be able to breathe, whatever the cause.

Steam can often relieve symptoms of croup but that has a distinctive cough. If steam is helping, that's good but you should really see a doctor.

I hope you feel better soon.

Carolyn x


Thanks. Slept good and again it happened in the morning. My temp had dropped down to 35.3 which often causes me to feel beyond awful. I think it is temp dropping causing shortness of breathe combined with productive cough. Plus low blood sugar causing anxiety.

I tried to stay calm and eat which eventually worked. Did not start to hyper ventilate as I convinced myself it will pass. Temp went up to 35.9 which helped. Been much better today.

If this continues will call doctor tomorrow. Got scared yesterday and was sure it is pneumonia or something but fortunately coughing not that bad anymore and lungs feel much clearer. But any turn for worse I will call ambulance right away.

Thanks :)


Whooping cough? Adults don't whoop.


I didn't realise that. Perhaps the same is true of croup. That is relieved by steam inhalation.


If you are bad enough to pass out while driving, please call at least the NHS 111 service. You certainly should not even consider starting out on a 45 minute journey, driving yourself.

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