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T3 online

Hi - I was diagnosed as hypothyroid (Hashimotos) and for the past year and a half I have been through a nightmare time with being prescribed different brands of levothyroxine to which I'm allergic to. I get a really bad rough, swollen, productive throat with cough and have difficulty swallowing, swollen glands and occasional fever. The worst thing though is not being able to breathe on the slightest bit of exertion. I was perfectly fit and healthy before this, the hypothyroidism only being diagnosed with a routine blood test. Anyway, the last 2 months has been great as I was prescribed Liothyronine by my endocrinologist and I can tolerate this without the bad throat or breathlessness. Just lately though the NHS (as we all know) has said that I have to go back on levothyroxine as they can't afford to prescribe T3 anymore. This is totally unacceptable to me because I'm allergic to it and I have no quality of life on it so I was wondering if anyone could give me the name of a T3 supplier that I can get online. If anyone can help then that would be great - thanks so much.

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Was Liothyronine prescribed by a NHS endocrinologist?


Yes, my NHS endocrinologist at Princess Alexandra Hospital, Harlow. She started me on it and I did very well but my GP will not pay for it so my endocrinologist wrote me another prescription. After a couple of months though, the hospital Chief Pharmacist said that the hospital could not supply it because of cost and they gave me Levothyroxine instead (which I cannot tolerate at all). I was very upset and said I would have to buy this abroad as this is the only thing I seem to be able to tolerate, but the Chief Pharmacist said it was unethical for me to have to get my own drugs and he has just sent me another month's supply of liothyronine. The problem is that I'm not sure if I'll get any more so I was thinking of trying to get some online as a back-up.



Good idea to get some back up but I would challenge your GP practice's refusal to prescribe as their drug budget should not take precedence over a patient's wellbeing. If your GP's practice CCG has said Liothyronine is too expensive to prescribe point out that the CCG does not have the authority to tell GPs what not to prescribe and you believe your GP is in breach of GMS contract by refusing treatment you have been told you need by a NHS endocrinologist. Say you have been well on Liothyronine and wish to continue taking it. Attach the BTA guidance for patients and GPs. Copy your MP on correspondence.


The BTA issued guidance that patients doing well on T3 should not have their prescriptions with-drawn. See FAQS for patients and GPs in british-thyroid-association...

CCGs do not have the authority to tell GPs what not to prescribe. Individual GPs, not CCGs, could be found in breach of the General Medical Services contract if they do not prescribe treatment patients have been told "they need".


The GPC has warned that GPs would be in breach of the GMS contract and could get into legal trouble by following the orders and refusing to prescribe patients treatments they have told them they need.


Please complete the NHS England Survey re withdrawing Liothyronine prescriptions. engage.england.nhs.uk/consu...

Please also sign the petition requesting better thyroid diagnosis, testing and treatment. change.org/p/itt-campaign-g...


Thanks so much for the advice - I'll definitely write to my GP about what you have told me and see what he says.


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