Is there such a thing as corn free NDT please?

I have posted on here many times before about my intolerance to levothyroxine, so I won't bore you all with the details again. Suffice to say I have tried every levothyroxine available in this country, WP thyroid, Naturethroid, Armour from the USA and T3 (cynomel) from Belgium. I had the same bad reaction (breathlessness) to levothyroxines both with and without corn and also with the T3, which led me to believe that I might actually be allergic to the manmade levothyroxine itself. The only one that worked for me was the Armour, but after only about a week of taking 1/4 of a tablet every other day I felt much better and I had lost 1/2 a stone in weight and actually slept at night, things that I have not been able to do for 5 years; Unfortunately I had an allergic reaction to that too because it contains corn. I was diagnosed hypo 5 years ago with a TSH of 5.8, I had my bloods done last week and my TSH is now 13.87 and yet I am still not on any medication and as you can imagine to say I feel ill is an understatement. My endo discharged me saying that there is nothing she can do for me because I can't tolerate levothyroxine and yes before you all say it, I have reported her. I have an appt with a private endo at the end of the month but I am living on ESA and DLA and can't afford to pay privately but I have no choice. I have even written to complain to the Department of Health stating that I believe that my human rights are being violated because I cannot access any much needed medication. I have contacted Martindales to ask for their help and I was told yes we can make you up a levothyroxine using Calcium Phosphate as a filler, great I thought worth a try, until I checked on my corn allergens list and Calcium stearate is listed as a derivative of corn and anyway as I have tried corn free levothyroxine before I very much doubt if I could tolerate it as I said before I think I am allergic to levo itself. This is why I am posting on here, I have searched all over the internet and cannot find a corn free NDT, can anybody tell me where I can obtain this elusive medication please? Many thanks to you all. XX

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  • Do you know about liquid Levothyroxine? It exists because I have seen it mentioned on this site. It may not contain corn. Worth investigating. Sorry if it is another one you have already tried and found hopeless.

  • Thanks alot for your speedy reply, yes I have tried 2 types of liquids, eltroxin and another one that I can't remember the name of, no use I'm afraid. Thanks again!

  • I don't know if this link will be helpful:-

  • I had problems with the binders and fillers in levo. (apart from the fact it destroyed my health in general). On Thyroid S i am fine.

  • Hi Bluedaffodil, Thanks for this answer I find it of great interest. Just had a look on the Thyroid S website and cannot find a list of active/inactive ingredients, could you possibly let me have one please?. By the way are you allergic to corn/corn derivatives? Many thanks Sharon

  • One of the reasons that some people avoid the Thai products is that the manufacturers will not disclose the excipients - we know that they contain some desiccated porcine thyroid and that is about it. The vendors blame the manufacturers for refusing to disclose this information.

  • Hi, Do you know anybody that has tried the Thai version? I am so desparate to get some medication down me I will try anything, as long as it is recommended by one of you helpful guys on here of course! Thanks for you answer. X

  • I am intolerant to maize/corn and cannot take tablets of any kind with it in!! Unfortunately it is now used as the bulking agent in most tablets!! Armour has no corn in it but Erfa and Levo does. The liquid thyroxine can be sugar and lactose free and has no corn in it but is a pain because it only has a 3 week shelf life.....

  • Thanks for your reply, I find it very interesting that your are intolerant to maize/corn I have been hoping somebody would answer me that is in the same position as me. Excuse me for asking but was this diagnosed by skin prick allergy test or have you just worked it out by trial and error? The reason I ask is that I cannot tolerate Armour, or liquid thyroxine as they have both got corn derivatives in the inactive ingredients, which has led me to my endless search for NDT that does not contain any corn derivatives at all. I keep reading on here that Eltroxin solution has not corn in it, but it has got Glycerol in it, which is on my corn allergens list and Eletroxin solution made me very poorly after only 2 minutes of taking it. Now to Armour - I purchased my Armour made by Forest from <online source> in the USA, I took 1/4 of a tablet every other day for a fortnight, I lost over 1/2 stone in weight and I felt much better than I usually do, but after a fortnight the Armour built up in my system and I had my usual bad reaction to it so I had to stop taking it. I have thrown it away now but I seem to remember something listed in the inactive ingredients that is also on my corn allergens list and I guess this is the reason why I can't take it. I would be grateful if you will let me know which type of Armour you take, where you get it from and what are the inactive ingredients please and perhaps I could give it a try. I hope you don't mind me asking this but I know you will understand how I feel with a TSH of 13.87 Thanks alot Sharon XX

  • I had a full run up of tests by an immunologist, he said I could build up my resistance to maize by eating a tiny amount every day, I told him that even a tiny amount made me ill and no way did I want to lose days when I was so ill I could not do anything!!

    Many years ago I removed anything that could be causing a reaction from my diet and re-introduced stuff gradually, I got a reaction from gravy powder and custard, the one thing they have in common is cornflour!! Yes it means I have to cook from scratch, no ready meals, no jars of sauces, no ready made puddings, no low fat yogurt, no gluten free foods if they contain corn etc. I have to be careful of frozen foods as a lot of them use cornflour as a stabiliser - right pain in the bum!! But at least I eat a healthy diet.......

    There is NO corn or corn derivative in Armour, I would not be able to take it if there was!!

  • I take armour thyroid and I have a corn allergen. I've been on it for yrs.

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