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Alopecia , low T4 , or low eostrogen the cause ?

I've been taking 65mcg of T3 for a few months now , stopped NDT as wasn't converting ( had tests done ) . Felt much better , then not so good after a while and noticed bald patches around my ear area also body hair and eyebrows disappeared . I've just read a couple of posts on here saying low t4 can cause hair loss , also low eostrogen , I'm 70 so yes that's possible . I'm mortified , have started to add a little NDT again , but does anyone know if my hair will grow again ? Any advice very much appreciated !

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After 14 years on thyroxine,I felt all round improvement on T3-only.I took 55mcgs daily.Anything over that increased my BBM & I had sweats like hot flushes,despite being 66 in age.The only downside was the HUGE loss of hair.I now realise I was over medicating(results of FT3 test showed slightly over-range).

As I am also long past menopause,I have serious doubts my hair will ever thicken again.I am just hoping it will thicken a bit,as my ears stick out & I hate them showing.Hair-shedding has certainly slowed to normal since adding thyroxine back in.Thyroxine gives rise to other synptoms for me,so now on NDT plus a bit of T3.See "Tired Thyroid"website for a negative view of T3-only for some folk.


Naomi Thank you for that info ! I too think I was over medicating on T3 in the hope to feel better and I was over range when I had tests done too . It's so annoying that I'm paying the price with hair loss . I somehow think theres not much likelihood of it coming back either . I'll certainly have a look at Tired Thyroid site . Thank you for your help !


Hair loss can be another autoimmune condition and you should see GP for a diagnosis i.e. is it Alopecia for instance.

I am on T3 only and I doubt low T4 can cause hair loss but hypothyroidism can. T4 is inactive and has to convert to T3 but some of us not able to do so efficiently and, like you, take T3 only and it is the only active thyroid hormone our body requires to function.


Thank you for the reply . Yes I think it may just be another auto immune thing as I have Ménière's disease too . Another visit to GP then ! Although since I've lowered the dose of T3 and added the NDT I feel a little better . My concern at the moment though is my hair loss .


I have had three bouts of Alopecia Areata within five years, so I can sympathise. :)


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