Blood test results advice

Blood test results advice

These are my recent results done thru Medichecks. I've started feeling a little more fatigued lately. I'm also loosing hair again and getting irritable. I couldn't work out whether I was hyper or hypo and wondered whether to up NDT or lower it! I'm still on 3 grains. I've had eczema in my ears & on my head since October which really gets me down and for 4 weeks I've not been going to the loo properly (had piles/itching etc) but only pooing maltesers at present (sorry I know, too much info). Seen GP who gave me cream and sachets - pointless. I feel unclean and a bit teary. Medichecks says folate results suggest anemia. (I didn't know you could be anemic and fat!). TSH low because of NDT I know. Are the others ok? I have had total thyroidectomy few years ago. Any advice would be much appreciated. Feel a bit better just sharing actually.

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Hi, sorry you're feeling so bad. I'm not an expert on hypo but can say it looks like you're euthyroid (defo no hyper). You really need to get your folate levels up and then it should be easier to work out what's causing your symptoms. There was a great post about hair loss on here recently I'll try and find it but defo read it. Only other advice on the mean time is keep your fluid levels up and try increasing fibre intake - I was advised to try oat bran

DoubleM thank you for taking time to reply. I've just bought some Jarrow methyl folate 1000s so will start taking them asap.


You are folate deficient. Folate and B12 are co-dependent so you won't be utilising B12 properly without good folate. My GP prescribed 5mg folic acid for a couple of months to correct folate deficiency. You can buy 400mcg folic acid without prescription but would need to take 12 x 400mcg to get close to 5mg.

The symptoms of anemia that occur due to folate deficiency include:

persistent fatigue.



pale skin.

shortness of breath.


Folate Deficiency: Causes, Symptoms, and Diagnosis - Healthline

FT4 is mid-range and FT3 in the upper range so it may be worth holding at your current NDT dose for a couple of months to see whether your symptoms improve after folate deficiency is corrected. Thyroid antibodies are negative for Hashimoto's.

B12 and Vit D are good.

CRP is an inflammation marker and yours is high in range but it may be connected with folate deficiency.

Ferritin is also high in range which can be indicative of inflammation unless you are supplementing iron.

Supplementing zinc may help reduce hair loss.

Thanks Clutter. I'll take my supplements and see what happens in a couple of weeks. I didn't realise all those symptoms could be caused by folate deficiency as I'd put it down to being over/undermedicated on NDT. I stopped taking iron supplements as ferritin was high before. As you say sort out folate and the rest might get better. Kind regards.


I don't think you should expect much improvement in 2 weeks. 6-8 weeks is more realistic.

Do you supplement vitamin D? If so taking magnesium is often recommended on here, to take as it's a co-factor helping vitamin D to work.

Magnesium can also help improve constipation. But if you decide to try some start low & slow. If you take too much you'll get the opposite problem!

Calm vitality magnesium powder is easy to use and adjust dose.

Magnesium should be taken at least 4 hours, and ideally 6 hours away from thyroid hormones

Thanks for the advice SlowDragon. I do take Vit D, with K2 but not magnesium so will get on that too. x

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