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Where to get T3?

Hi everyone.

I have in the past successfully purchased t3 but unfortunately this time the supplier has not yet delivered despite ordering at the start of August. I have had an email earlier this month stating that all orders should be despatched by the end of the month. Anyway the upshot is that I am not sure if I should trust them and I want to order from somewhere else. I have been reducing and reducing my daily dose and now feel very very under medicated.

Please can anyone suggest another supplier - I am happy for you too pm with the info.

Many thanks


The ability to reply to this post has been turned off.
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I am sorry you are getting low on T3. Unfortunately it seems to be a worldwide problem at present in that T3 has been extremely scarce. I think it is becoming slightly easier.

However, just in case details are posted by mistake I will turn off replying but members can still respond by a Private Message.

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