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Where to go to get T3 done?

Hello everyone, I've lost most of my life to fatigue and severe weakness. I feel like giving up.

I really need a full thyroid panel but my gp won't submit a T3 form, she said they'll return it.

Does anyone know where I can go to get my thyroid checked properly including the important T3? I live in Warwickshire, near Warwick in the West Midlands.

I'm very alone in this so any help really appreciated. Thanking you :)

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Hi there,

Quite a few of us use the Blue Horizon Medical testing lab. They offer a range of Thyroid tests alongside many others. You can google or type in the name here, and I'm sure it will come up with contact details.

I use the fingerprick test, and send it off as directed, usually first thing, and the results are normally emailed within 48hrs. Very reliable and highly recommended.

My GP is trusting of their test results.

Good luck. 🙂

Arab. X


Thankyou so much X


These are details of the labs which will do your tests:


Exactly what I was going to say... I couldn't do fingerprick test (I tried about 3 times!) but I contacted them and had to pay a little bit extra and had my blood taken in the priory in Birmingham and posted it off. If you find you can't take the blood yourself just call them to arrange at your nearest private phlebotomist.. they're very nice and will help you. It's a really quick turn around, got my results within 2 days.


Thankyou, i've just sent off for the test thyroid 11 :) X

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Flowers14 This one covers all thyroid tests plus all important vitamins and minerals. Well worth doing to get a full picture as low nutrients are very common with us Hypos.


Thankyou, I took a look andwill do this tomorrow, this is great news ☺x


Hi Flowers14, please don't feel alone with this problem. There are people on here who can give you good advice and support. I did the Blue Horizon finger prick test (£99) and posted the results on here. If you do that you will be advised.

You're not alone, we're all in this together. It's a long road but hopefully we can feel better eventually.

Keep you chin up😉


Thankyou lovely, I've just ordered the Fingr prick test. I do hope it works as I'm like a walking Zombie, unnaturally Zonked :)


Flowers14 ... I recently did Blue Horizon blood tests for the first time and they were very reasonable, professional and fast. I got bloods taken at a private hospital and sometimes your gp surgery will do bloods. Best wishes xxxx


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