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Can anyone help convert NDT dose to Levo?

Due to the WP-NatureThroid shortage, I need to take Synthroid for 4-5 days. Know there are other NDT options, but doctor hasn't returned my message or email for a new Rxl. Responsive as always & her office is closed Fridays.

I've been taking 113.75 mg of NatureThroid. I have a bottle of generic levo 100 mcg. How many levo pills? I've not taken levo before.

Many thanks!

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NatureThroid contains

One grain is 65 mg (actually 64.8) and contains .038 mg (or 38 mcg) of T4 and 9 mcg of T3,

Source : stopthethyroidmadness.com/a...

If you assume that T3 is three times as potent as T4 then, believe it or not, doing the sums shows that 113.75mg NT is roughly equivalent to 113.75mcg Levo.

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So, it's the same amount. Thanks.


Yes, apart from NT is mg, and Levo is mcg.




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