Can anyone help convert NDT dose to Levo?

Due to the WP-NatureThroid shortage, I need to take Synthroid for 4-5 days. Know there are other NDT options, but doctor hasn't returned my message or email for a new Rxl. Responsive as always & her office is closed Fridays.

I've been taking 113.75 mg of NatureThroid. I have a bottle of generic levo 100 mcg. How many levo pills? I've not taken levo before.

Many thanks!

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NatureThroid contains

One grain is 65 mg (actually 64.8) and contains .038 mg (or 38 mcg) of T4 and 9 mcg of T3,

Source :

If you assume that T3 is three times as potent as T4 then, believe it or not, doing the sums shows that 113.75mg NT is roughly equivalent to 113.75mcg Levo.

So, it's the same amount. Thanks.

Yes, apart from NT is mg, and Levo is mcg.


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