Changing from Levo to NDT

Hello, still pretty new and still got so many questions!

I was just wondering what the process was for changing from Levo to NDT? I don't think that Levo is doing anything, and wondered if NDT would help matters.

I have had a cortisol test done, and it shows it is high, and I hope that is why I've put so much weight on, and I have ordered some Holy Basil to try to improve things, but wondered if I should try NDT as well, to see if it helps further. but not sure how to go about it.

Can I just go to my GP and ask them to prescribe it, or does it have to be an Endo? I'm also unsure of how the dosage works as well.

Any help would always be greatly received, and thank you so much for your time.

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It is highly unlikely you will be able to get NDT on prescription unfortunately. Most of us using it have to self medicate. Check out the Stop The Thyroid Madness website for good info on switching and addressing cortisol and adrenal problems.

Thank you :)

There are some pointer, pro and con here. High cortisol interferes with ANY hormone you take so you may need to work on that. There are many ways to go with that.

This is a great video made easy to understand if you have time to watch.

DO NOT do a direct swap. The doctor would probably tell you to but start low and build up over a few weeks. I have a theory that doctors want to rule out NDT and will mislead you deliberately so they can say they ruled it out!

Why not do a direct swap? I think it depends how much Levo you're taking. I did a direct swap and didn't run into any problems.

You are one of the lucky ones then! If you do a direct swap its usually too much T3.

Ah sorry, I think maybe I misunderstood actually, been having a bad week ;-) I did start low on NDT and gradually increase. I thought you meant you mustn't move straight over to NDT but do what is sometimes advised where you gradually reduce levo and add NDT until you are off levo. I know that is often advised if you are on a high dose of levo.

I have been hypothyroid for 4 years since having RAI treatment. I was finally prescribed levo in dec 2015 - took a while to get the dosage right but eventually settled on 75mcg. I did feel okay but the weight continued to go on. in May I switched to Thiroyd and increased slowly to 1 grain. it has now been two months and I am starting to feel better and the weight is not going on anymore but is slowly coming down. I also take magnesium, zinc, vit c, vit d and k, b12, selenium and ashwaghanda (which is good for adrenal health). I was initially nervous about taking thiroyd and do not have much patience and if something didn't work instantly, I would come off it but if there is one thing that I have learned on this forum is what is right for one is wrong for another so it really is a matter of trial and error. Initially, when I started thiroyd I had headaches and felt a bit nauseous but now feel fine and am sleeping well. I am obsessed with the weight gain mostly as I have put on 2 stone since becoming hypothyroid. it might be worth eating a good diet and taking sup plements for a while and then switching over - not sure how much thiroyd is equal to 100 levo - maybe 1 grain - 1 1/2 maybe someone else on this forum can tell you that in more detail. I now prefer thiroyd as it is more natural and has all the T hormones in it , especially t3 which we need to lose weight. good luck.

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