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A Pulse article by a G.P. taking T3

This is a really good article about Dr. Hoenderkamp's nightmare experience on Levo and her fears about the future of T3 on the NHS. Interestingly is the statement by Concordia at the end of the article who cite 'manufactory and regulatory approval' as a reason for the price hike. So why is T3 so cheap in Europe? Concordia has now resolved the manufacturing issues, two other manufacturers have invested, so prices are expected to 'drop significantly' in the future. Does that mean commercial competition is the driving factor here. If you also read the GP comments at the very end of the article, one doctor suggests that only Endo's can prescribe T3, which he thinks would solve the problem. GP's would have to refer. This would involve a huge amount of extra work for Endo's so I hope they would be well prepared and better informed. One GP ('Cobblers' - great name), suggests why the NHS can't import cheaper drugs from the EU.


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Thanks. That was an interesting read.

Pity no-one slapped down the last responder.


There's always (at least) one.


From comments on that blog:

Tom Caldwell | GP Partner/Principal15 Sep 2017 9:49pm

It [liothyronine] is a drug which is associated with a markedly increased risk of AF and drug induced thyrotoxic states compared with T3 treatment.

Does this insufferable GP actually know what he is talking about? Liothyronine IS T3.

Sorry - the usual "errors and omissions excepted" doesn't cover an egregious error like that. Just imagine if he were responsible for writing prescriptions where accuracy is so important...


The comments under the Pulse article are a useful but dismaying reminder for patients: most of us underestimate just how much contempt GPs hold for patients and patient experience. No longer do I waste energy trying to reason with this unreasonable profession. Life is too short, especially when much of it may be spent needlessly ill and incapacitated.

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