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Getting T3 tablets in uk is very expensive

Hi, I have a private prescription for liothyronine 20mcg but it is unrealistically price here in the UK and £1300 for 120 tablets is not affordable. Can anyone please suggest anything that could help, I have heard some people get these from abroad but with so may doggy site I would prefer referrals if anyone has any.

Thanks in advance.


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Paula33ok Check out Clutter's reply in this thread about using your prescription for 20mcg T3 to obtain Thybon Henning from Germany healthunlocked.com/thyroidu... - 7th replydown


Can you go on a hypo-holiday?

If you live near an airport, a cheap flight to Greece to buy OTC T3, for £1 for 30 25mg could be an option.

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There has been a shortage of UniPharma T3 since Mar/Apr so tourists are unable to obtain it. Locals have been asked for prescriptions for it for several months.


Oh, no!

Thanks for letting me know, Clutter!

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I haven't tried this website, just came across it which is in Turkey selling

Tiromel T3 Liothyronine Sodium 100 tablets 25 mcg/tab £14.98. Don't know what happens with customs when not in an EU country. I can PM you the link.

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Usually 20% customs charge if they don't put minimal value price. Some companies don't.


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