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Is headrest a condition related to hypothyroidism? My heart palpitations seem to calm down. Still have them,but not as often. I just got a feeling headrushes in a row,like 4 in a row. And for the last 2 weeks I have headaches and I think some sort of trigeminal neuralgia. When I touch my forehead above my left eye it hurts,and my left eye is twitching. Is this due to the propranolol? I am. Only taking it in the evening as my palpitations calmed down. Have felt a lot better the last 3 days since taking b12, b6, iron, zinc, magnezium and potassium.

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Just looked back at your other posts, all within the last few days but some results a little older. Some good advice there about addressing your vitamin levels etc do you may not have had time yet to set such things in motion but I sympathise that it appears your doctor is being awkward but that's the way things are are going now. I don't agree with waiting till you have a TSH of 10 and I'm. It alone with that butcyour doctor is applying the guidelines that have now been suggested.

Everything in the Thyroid world works slowly S well so any improvements in vitamin levels for instance aren't going to be apparent for a while as it takes a while to get things to build up to good levels and then your thyroid to benefit. If you look on the Thyroid uk site who run this forum there is a list of symptoms. Some you may never thought. Oils be down to the thyroid and I'm sure your GP won't realise either. Print it off and tick the symptomsyou have and suggest if you can have a trial to see if Levo thyroxine helps at all. She will probably tell you off for believing things on the internet but you can tell her that this site is recommended by NHS Choices for help and advice in thyroid dysfunction! She can't really argue against the NHS!

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